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Tweety and Sojourner Touch Down at First Migration Stop

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Tweety and Sojourner are nearing their first stop on their Migration! They were scheduled to arrive on Friday but the Migration Tracking is looking like they might arrive ahead of schedule on Thursday!

Tweety will be touching down near Seattle, Washington and will probably be thankful her stay in Washington will be brief as it's likely going to hit 103F over the weekend! Evanita is planning on doing a live-stream unboxing on her Instagram account as soon as Tweety arrives. If you'd like to watch this be sure to keep an eye on her account. The Live will be recorded for those who miss it. After Tweety's weekend with Evanita, she'll be heading up to Alaska for the month.

Sojourner will touch down at the Ashen Wensleydale Farm to visit with Longdraw James our UK Homebase for the Sparrow Migration. Once she’s done visiting with James she’ll be touring around the UK for the next 6 months.

Migration Schedule

The following is an estimated schedule. We have built in time for shipping however as with any adventure there's always a bit of uncertainty. Updates about Tweety and Sojourner's travels will be shared on our Instagram and Facebook page/group.

Tweety's Itinerary

  • Christy R - Alaska - July 1-18

  • Lorrie G - Alaska - July 22-Aug 8

  • Krystal P - Washington - Aug 13-29

  • Jessica C - Washington - Sept 2-19

  • Nancy T - Washington - Sept 23-Oct 10

  • Esther E - Idaho - Oct 15-31

  • Susan L - Idaho - Nov 4-21

  • Leigh W - Oregon - Nov 26-Dec 12

  • Desiree G - Oregon - Dec 16-Jan 2

  • Valerie S - Washington - Jan 6-23

Sojourner's Itinerary

  • Rachel S - UK - July 1-18

  • Vampy - UK - July 22-Aug 8

  • Kathryn F - UK - Aug 12-29

  • Jan H - UK - Sept 2-19

  • Liz T - UK - Sept 23-Oct 10

  • Eve W - UK - Oct 15-31

  • Teresa P - UK - Nov 4-21

  • Jessica D - UK - Nov 26-Dec 12

  • Su J - UK - Dec 16-Jan 2

  • Sophie L - UK - Jan 6-23

Follow the Migration!

To keep tabs on the adventures of these two Sparrows follow us on DaedalusSpinningWheels on Instagram, Daedalus Spinning Wheels on Facebook, as well as this blog. All spinners participating on this program are encouraged to use the following hashtags on social media. #DaedalusSparrowMigrationProgram

Happy Spinning and Bird Watching!


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