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Made from carbon fiber and 3D printed ABS plastic, the Starling is a light Scotch or Irish tensioned electric spinning wheel that is optimized for finer weights and higher speeds. With its large motor and bobbin capacity, it is a powerful platform capable of a wide range of spinning tasks. Starling V3 is the perfect “all around” spinning wheel, capable of over 2150 rpm, yet just as comfortable walking and jogging from 300-900 rpm. Swap from Scotch to Irish quickly, when your project needs the extra takeup that Irish offers... or use Scotch to keep tension low for the finest yarns. 



Starling V3 has been updated to include the ability to Flat Pack your wheel for travel (especially helpful on airlines and luggage transportation). By simply loosening the four screws that hold the chassis together, the wheel can now be disassembled quickly and easily. And because of this change, we thought it would be a good time to update a couple of other features to increase performance and make the wheel even more adaptable to your needs. First, the motor now comes with a two-speed pinion pulley on its front. This will give users an option for low speed, providing the utmost torque possible. This extra torque gives the wheel a better ability to hold its speed steady as the tension changes or as the yarn is fed forward or held back. But if you find yourself spinning at 100% speed with the controller in low gear and feel you still need more, you can switch the motor belt to high speed for the fastest possible performance. This is nice for spinning those yarns that require the absolute fastest speeds, like a fine lace that needs a high twist. And the last update is the addition of an aluminum whorl onto the flyer. This is important if you wish to use a more abrasive tension belt material like kevlar. Previous V3s had aluminum whorls on the bobbin only, so kevlar could only be used in Scotch tension. With the aluminum whorl on the flyer now, kevlar can be used in Irish tension as well (V3FP will come standard with kevlar tension belt material). The bobbins are still the same, as are all of the accessories available for purchase.


Our design aspects are focused around low noise, high performance, light action, and smart ergonomics. The bobbin can be changed very quickly without removing the flyer or drive band because of the pivoting maiden. Takeup can be very light because of features like aerodynamic coupling – the flyer channels air into the bobbin to help keep it better synchronized. This makes Starling capable of high-speed light takeup jobs, with many owners achieving 100+ wraps per inch. With Starling’s powerful motor, it is also capable of heavier work. The 12mm orifice will allow for textured art yarns or bulky plying jobs. Bobbins and flyers feature aluminum brake drums as standard so you never need to worry about overheating or wearing out your tension system.
As is our standard, each and every component of this wheel was chosen for its quiet operation and endurance. Wear components, including the motor and maiden bearing, are designed to be user-replaceable. Features common to all Daedalus wheels include a hardened tool-steel axle, precision bearings, and a high-quality, ball-bearing, whisper-quiet motor. All wheels are assembled, broken in, and tested for speed and noise for several days before being shipped.




As with all Daedalus e-spinner models, the Starling is compatible for use with both the Daedalus Speed Controller and the Magpie Speed Controller. The only difference between the two controllers is the housing. You can adjust the speed at 1% increments as well as program custom slow-start and slow-stop delay times, for fine-tuning that high-speed project with gentle startup and zero-backlash stops. The Starling is offered for purchase without the Speed Controller, in case you already own one of our e-spinners. If you do not have one, you must purchase the Speed Controller (available separately from the wheel itself. Please see prices, below).


Starling V3FP (without the speed controller) - $950 

Speed Controller (required to operate) - $125

Extra Starling V3 Bobbin 3 pack (your color choice and pattern) - $125

Motor Extension Cable 3 FT or 6 FT - $23-25

*Starling V3FP price includes your choice of custom trim color. Comes with 3 all black Helios pattern bobbins but you may purchase additional bobbins in the color and pattern of your choosing.


What’s Included with Starling V3FP

  • Starling V3FP

  • 3 Black Helios pattern bobbins with aluminum brake drums

  • Orifice hook

  • Spares Kit  (1 rear bearing, 2 rubber grommets, 1 cinch, 1 spring, 2 flyer o-rings, 1 small axle o-ring, 1 drive belt, and Kevlar tension cord)

  • 15V DC Power Supply

  • Manual

*Speed Controller is required but must be purchased separately if you do not already have one for a Daedalus E-Spinner. Speed Controllers are $125.



These RPM (rotation per minute) stats were recorded from a typical Starling V3-FP and V3 after a short break-in period. Top speed will increase around 3-4% from these numbers after approximately 100-200 hours of use. Actual performance figures vary between wheels by less than 1.5% (30 RPM at top speed), due to slight variations in components and build. Please use this as a general guideline.


Materials: Carbon Fiber and 3D printed ABS plastic

Dimension: 10" L x 6" W x 8" H (25x15x20 cm)

Weight: 2.3 lbs (1.1 kg) 

Tension: Scotch or Irish

Orifice: 12mm with a 6mm reducer
Bobbin: 12+ oz Capacity of 30 WPI singles

Speed: 300-2180 RPM (Rotations Per Minute)

Power Requirements: 15V
Speed Controller: Uses either the Daedalus Speed Controller or Magpie Speed Controller.

Foot Pedal: Either Speed Controller can be used as a Foot Pedal using Speed Controller extension cord.


Starling V3-FP purchases are now going through a Google Form queue, in order to alleviate the issues we had in prior updates where some of our customers missed out due to slow internet or other issues. Unlike our prior waitlist, the queue does not guarantee you will get your wheel within a specific time frame. The queue simply gathers contact information and information on your potential order.

Our wheels are built in batches, and we rotate between which wheels we are currently working on. Once a batch has been completed and shipped, we then start working on a new batch of a different model of bird. For those wheels sold through the queue, they are built in queue order. We typically complete a batch of wheels every two weeks, and with the rotation of our four wheels (Starling, Magpie, Sparrow, and Falcon), a new batch of a particular type of wheel goes into production approximately every eight weeks. We do on occasion have to pause building from the queue so that we can make time to build and stock up for approaching festivals.

Starlings will be made in batches roughly every eight weeks (this is an approximation, not a guarantee) and we will draw from the queue in signup order. An email will be sent immediately prior to your wheel being built to verify you still wish to purchase a Starling V3-FP, and then an invoice will be made.

Starling V3: Products
Silver and Teal Starling V3FP
Driveband Alignment
Driveband Alignment
Silver and Teal Starling V3FP
Switching from Scotch to Irish Tension
Switching from Scotch to Irish Tension
Switching from Scotch to Irish Tension
Switching from Scotch to Irish Tension
Switching from Scotch to Irish Tension
Starling V3FP in Irish Tension
Removing the bobbin from a Starling
Removing the bobbin from a Starling
Left Tension Hook
Right Tension Dial
Starling V3FP - Flat Pack
Silver and Teal Starling V3FP
Silver and Teal Starling V3FP
Silver and Teal Starling V3FP
Silver and Teal Starling V3FP
Silver and Teal Starling V3FP
Light Blue Starling V3
Light Blue Starling V32
Light Blue Starling V3
Light Blue Starling V3
Light Blue Starling V3
Light Blue Starling V3
Rose and Black Starling V3
Rose and Black Starling V3
Rose/Black and Yellow/Black Starling V3s
Yellow and Black Starling V3
Yellow and Black Starling V30401
Daedalus Speed Controller
Daedalus Speed Controller
Sparrow, Starling V3, and Magpie
Starling V3: Photo Gallery
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