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Made from carbon fiber and 3D printed ABS plastic, Magpie is the most powerful Daedalus Spinning Wheel to date.  More than enough speed/power for the most advanced spinner, yet it can easily be dialed to slow speeds for the beginner. Although the largest in the flock, it's still more portable than a traditional treadle wheel.


The Magpie has two flyer options, the Standard and the Art Flyer, and each flyer can be used in either Scotch or Irish Tension. The Standard Flyer can reach speeds of up to 2,350 RPM. Scotch Tension for the Standard flyer is ideal for the lowest takeup, with some owners achieving 100+ wraps per inch. However, when you need that firm takeup, try Irish Tension. It’s great for plying projects that require that extra tension. The Art Flyer can reach speeds of up to 1,450 RPM. Scotch Tension for the Art Flyer is great for light takeup, but it excels in Irish Tension for heavy art yarn projects where the lower speeds provide abundant torque. With its massive motor and gearing appropriate for heavy work, the 32mm orifice can swallow the craziest Art Yarns possible. For more information about each flyer and tension setup along with RPM charts, please see the Magpie Manual. Standard Flyer bobbins feature an aluminum brake drum, so you never need to worry about overheating or wearing out your tension system at the full 2350 rpm!

Purchasing Accessories

All remaining Magpie orders in the queue will automatically be built as Magpie V2s. If you already have a Magpie V1 accessories can be found in our shop.

What’s Included with Magpie Body

  • Magpie Body

  • Magpie Speed Controller (inserted in Face of Magpie)

  • Foot Pedal attachment 

  • Speed Controller extension cord

  • Spares Kit (1 extra of each drive band, Allen key, rat tail tension cord, 2 cinches, 2 flyer o-rings, 4 grommets, 1 small axle o-ring, and 2 springs)

  • 15V AC Power Supply

  • Manual

What’s Included with Art Flyer


  • Art Flyer

  • Art Flyer orifice hook

  • 3 Art bobbins

  • 20mm orifice reducer

What’s Included with Standard Flyer


  • Standard Flyer

  • Standard Flyer orifice hook

  • 3 Standard bobbins with aluminum brake drums

  • 6mm orifice reducer

Product Details

Materials: Carbon Fiber and 3D printed ABS plastic

Dimension: 15" L x 8.5" W x 11" H (38x21x28 cm)

Weight: 4.5 lbs (2 kg)

Tension: Scotch or Irish for both flyers.

Orifice: 12mm with a 6mm reducer for Standard Flyer and 32mm orifice with a 20mm reducer for Art Flyer.
Bobbin: 20+ oz Capacity of 30 WPI singles for Standard Bobbin and 40+oz bobbin (plying into worsted etc, art yarns are less dense and would hold less) for Art Bobbin.

Speed: 70 - 2,350 RPM (Rotations Per Minute) for Standard Flyer and 50 - 1,410 RPM for Art Flyer. Please check the Manual for further information on Speeds depending upon which flyer and which tension set up you are using.

Power Requirements: 15V DC
Speed Controller: Uses the supplied Magpie Speed Controller.

Foot Pedal: Either Speed Controller can be used as a Foot Pedal using Speed Controller extension cord.

Starling V3: Products



The above stats were recorded from Rebecca Giles's Magpie, Odette. The RPM (rotations per minute) can vary slightly from one wheel to the next, so please use this as a general guideline.

Magpie with Standard Flyer
Magpie with Standard Flyer
Magpie with Standard Flyer
Magpie with Standard Flyer
Magpie with Standard Flyer
Magpie with Standard Flyer
Magpie with Standard Flyer and Art Flyer
Magpie Art Flyer
Magpie with Art Flyer
Magpie with Art Flyer
Magpie Flat Pack View
Sparrow, Starling V3, and Magpie
Evanita with 27.5 oz Standard Bobbin
tinyStudio Magpie Review
Variety of yarns spun on Magpie
Variety of yarns spun on Magpie
Variety of yarns spun on Magpie
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