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-- Lace to Locks --

Made from carbon fiber, T6061 aluminum and 3D printed ABS plastic, Magpie V2 is the most powerful Daedalus Spinning Wheel to date, capable of taking the handspinner from the finest lace to the loftiest locks. This e-spinner has more than enough speed and torque for the most advanced spinner, yet it will also spin flawlessly when dialed down to its slowest speeds. Although Magpie V2 is the largest wheel in the flock, it's still far more portable than a traditional treadle wheel.

The Magpie V2 has two flyer options, the Standard and the Art Flyer, and both can be used in either Scotch or Irish tension. The Standard Flyer can reach speeds of up to 2,550 RPM when set in Scotch tension— ideal for the lowest, most gentle yarn takeup—with most experienced owners achieving 100+ wraps per inch in this setup. For those spinning projects where you need a  firmer takeup, try Irish tension! It’s great for those plying projects that require extra pull onto the bobbin, and it’s a super setup for spinning light and lofty singles and stand-alone slub yarns. Since we also include a larger urethane drive belt that fits the larger bobbin whorl, you’ll have your choice of spinning at full-speed range or at a lower-geared range (when even greater torque is needed) in both Scotch and Irish tensions. You’ll find that the Standard Flyer provides you with innumerable spinning possibilities, from whisper light to even the heaviest of tension jobs. The Art Flyer can reach speeds of up to 1,600 RPM. Here again, the Scotch tension drive system is great for light to moderate takeup, though the Art Flyer excels in Irish tension, where there are also two speed ranges available, providing the torque needed to make your bulkiest art yarn projects turn out feather light). With its massive dual-motor system and gearing appropriate for heavy work, the 32 mm orifice swallows even the wildest textured yarns you can dream up, without snagging.

For more information about each flyer and tension setup, along with RPM charts, please see the Magpie V2 Manual.


Our design aspects are focused around low noise, high performance, light action, and smart ergonomics. Bobbins and flyers feature T6061 aluminum whorls and pure Kevlar, braided tension belt material—literally the best materials possible for the job of shedding the heat from production-level spinning. Each and every component was chosen for its quality, quiet operation and long operational life. Any component that could possibly wear out one day has been designed to be user-replaceable, including the motor and maiden bearings. The high-tech hardware is the same as in our other Daedalus Spinning Wheels, including a case-hardened, chrome-plated, precision linear rod axle (the best in the industry), precision bearings, carbon fiber galore, and a high-quality, ball-bearing, whisper-quiet motor that is purposely oversized, to meet its duties.​



The Speed Controller for the Magpie V2 is built-in and is easy to pop out for use as a wired remote control, either on the table or as a foot pedal (with the included extension cable).  Speed is adjustable at 1% increments through programmable increment sizes as are the programmable custom slow-start and slow-stop delay times. (Talk about fine-tuning that high-speed project for perfect zero-backlash stops and gentle startups!...) Just like the dual-motor power system, the controller has been designed to handle ten times the voltage and current it experiences with Magpie V2. This means your controller won't heat up or break down, no matter the paces it’s put through.

Magpie V2 is available with a black chassis and black bobbins along with your choice of trim color.


Magpie V2 Body with Speed Controller included - $950
Art Flyer and 3 bobbins - $500
Standard Flyer and 3 bobbins - $500
Standard Bobbin 3 pack (your choice of color) - $140
Art Bobbin 3 pack (only available in black) - $160

Motor Extension Cable 3 FT or 6 FT - $23-25

What’s Included with Magpie Body

  • Magpie V2 Body

  • Magpie Speed Controller (inserted in the Face of Magpie V2)

  • Foot Pedal attachment

  • Spares Kit (1 extra of each: drive band, Allen key, 1.5 mm Kevlar tension cord, 2 cinches, flyer o-ring set, 4 grommets, and 2 springs)

  • 15vDC 5A wall AC Power Supply (US blade pattern but accepts up to 240vAC)

  • Link to printable online Manual

What’s Included with Art Flyer

  • Art Flyer

  • Art Flyer orifice hook

  • 3 Art bobbins with aluminum brake drums

  • 20 mm orifice reducer

What’s Included with Standard Flyer

  • Standard Flyer

  • Standard Flyer orifice hook

  • 3 Standard bobbins with aluminum brake drums

  • 6 mm orifice reducer


Materials: Carbon Fiber, T6061 aluminum, and 3D printed ABS plastic
Dimension: 15" L x 8.5" W x 11" H (38 x 21 x 28 cm)
Weight: 4.5 lbs (2 kg)
Tension: Scotch or Irish for both flyers.
Orifice: 12mm with a 6 mm reducer for Standard Flyer and 32 mm orifice with a 20 mm reducer for Art Flyer.
Bobbin: 20+ oz capacity of 30 WPI singles for Standard Bobbin and 48+oz bobbin (plying into worsted etc. Art yarns are less dense so bobbin capacity is also less) for Art Bobbin.
Speed: 70–2,600 RPM (Rotations Per Minute) for Standard Flyer and 50–1,600 RPM for Art Flyer. Please check the Manual for further information on speeds depending upon which flyer and which tension set-up you are using.
Power Requirements: 15V DC
Speed Controller: Uses the supplied Magpie Speed Controller
Foot Pedal: Either Speed Controller can be used as a Foot Pedal using the Speed Controller extension cord.




These RPM (rotation per minute) stats were recorded from a typical Magpie V2 after a short break-in period. Top speed will increase around 3-4% from these numbers after approximately 100-200 hours of use. Actual performance figures vary between wheels by less than 1.5% (30 RPM at top speed), due to slight variations in components and build. Please use this as a general guideline.


Magpie V2 purchases are now going through a Google Form queue, in order to alleviate the issues we had in prior updates where some of our customers missed out due to slow internet or other issues. Unlike our prior waitlist, the queue does not guarantee you will get your wheel within a specific time frame. The queue simply gathers contact information and information on your potential order.

Our wheels are built in batches, and we rotate between which wheels we are currently working on. Once a batch has been completed and shipped, we then start working on a new batch of a different model of bird. For those wheels sold through the queue, they are built in queue order. We typically complete a batch of wheels every two weeks, and with the rotation of our four wheels (Starling, Magpie, Sparrow, and Falcon), a new batch of a particular type of wheel goes into production approximately every eight weeks. We do on occasion have to pause building from the queue so that we can make time to build and stock up for approaching festivals.

Magpies V2 will be made in batches roughly every eight weeks (this is an approximation, not a guarantee) and we will draw from the queue in signup order. An email will be sent immediately prior to your wheel being built to verify you still wish to purchase a Magpie V2, and then an invoice will be made.

Magpie V2 with Standard Flyer
Magpie V2 with Standard Flyer
Magpie V2 with Standard Flyer
Magpie V2 with Standard Flyer
Magpie V2 with Standard Flyer
Magpie V2 with Standard Flyer
Magpie V2 with Standard Flyer
Orifice Reducer for Standard Flyer
Removing the Flyer
Removing the Flyer
Switching from Scotch to Irish
Switching from Scotch to Irish
Switching from Scotch to Irish
Switching from Scotch to Irish
Switching from Scotch to Irish
Magpie V2 with Standard Flyer
Magpie V2 with Standard Flyer
Magpie V2 with Art Flyer
Magpie V2 with Art Flyer
Magpie V2 with Art Flyer
Irish Tension Low Speed Alignment
Magpie V2 with Art Flyer
Orifice Reducer for Art Flyer
Removing the Speed Controller
Removing the Speed Controller
Removing the Speed Controller
Removing the Tension from Art Flyer in Irish
Removing the Tension from Art Flyer in Irish
Removing the Tension from Art Flyer in Irish
Magpie V2 Body
Magpie V2 Standard Flyer Kit
Magpie V2 Art Flyer Kit
Magpie V2 Flat Pack
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Variety of yarns spun on Magpie
Variety of yarns spun on Magpie
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