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All About the Queues

Hi All.

There have been some questions recently about the wait-list queue, and we would like to address how it works to help everyone have a better understanding. We can appreciate that everyone is excited to get their new wheel, so please allow us to explain how we operate.

First I should say we have 4 wheel models and 3 queues. The sparrows have been in such demand that a queue for them has been impossible. In addition to the queues, we have festivals this year for the first time in 2 years, which complicates things.

Originally the idea was to spend 2 weeks on each model in succession and then start all over again. The reality is that the 3 queues are not even in their numbers so rotating between the queues evenly does not work very efficiently. This means some wheel queues may move faster than others.

Therefore, knowing your locating number on the queue that you chose, doesn’t necessarily give an accurate picture of how long it will be until your wheel will be built. This is why we don’t take any money until we are printing and building your wheel, which is within 30 days of shipping out.

David and I are the only people building these wheels. We do not have a factory or other employees, save Evanita who does the web and social aspects of the business. So while the print farm is chugging away the number of wheels built is limited to what 2 pairs of hands can do. We do not plan to hire anyone at this time. We like the hands-on aspect and the ability to ensure that the wheels are of the highest quality and to our standards, which is very hard to impart to employees.

If you were to join the lists today you will be waiting a minimum of a year. In addition, every time we attend a festival the list grows exponentially, which is why we state a minimum of a year. It is entirely possible that you will be waiting longer than this, but due to the dynamic nature of the lists again, it’s hard to accurately stipulate a true wait time.

If you do wish to go ahead and put yourself on one of our waitlists, you can do so as follows. For Starling V3FP, Magpie V2, and Falcon you simply go to the pages associated with that wheel, and at the bottom of the page, there is a link to the google request form. You will not get a confirmation, but your name is on the list and the list is in the order that people signed up. If you signed up for a wheel and the model has been upgraded since you signed up, you will automatically get the newest model.

When building is set to commence on a given model emails will be sent out and a post on social media will be put up with first names and last initials to inform you that we are beginning a batch. Once we have received a reply to our email and confirmed your order you will be invoiced.

We understand that everyone would like an estimated date for their wheel, which is really the question behind the “What number am I” question. And we are sorry that we cannot give a firm answer. There was a period of time when we made the waitlists public, but we had to make it private after receiving constant harassing and threatening emails. After making it private, we did answer every email inquiry. However, we no longer can respond to the increased volume of emails inquiring about waitlist position or expected delivery times. For this, we apologize.

But we would be happy to answer any other questions about the purchase of your wheel; please contact with any and all concerns. Please do not private message us these questions as these messages can get lost very easily in the higher volumes we are experiencing this year.

And we would like to thank all of you, for how much our business has grown in such a short time. We truly feel that we are blessed, and will work our hardest to provide the best products and support that we can. Please follow us on Instagram or our Facebook Group for the latest updates and announcements.

Thanks B, D, & E

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