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Made from carbon fiber and 3D printed ABS plastic, the Martin is a Scotch tensioned electric spinning wheel that is optimized for portability. This e-spinner has the same hard-wearing, precision-spinning capabilities our customers have come to expect from the Daedalue lineup, with a twist: everything you need to spin is contained in Martin’s hard-shell plastic case, for the perfect “grab and go” spinning experience--even if you’re just headed from one room to another. Martin is capable of 2,200 RPM but is just as comfortable walking and jogging from 300-900 rpm.

Internal or External Speed Controller

Martin has its own internal speed controller, but it can also be used with our existing external Daedalus Soft Start/Stop Controller. This way, you can get spinning on Martin for a lower price than being required to purchase the external controller as well. But even if you have the external speed controller, our testers have found that they enjoy the ability to leave the external controller at home while traveling, to keep things simple. 

Optional External Speed Controller

Even though Martin can be used without it, our external Soft Start/Stop Controller is a popular choice. You can adjust the speed at 1% increments as well as program custom slow-start and slow-stop delay times, for fine-tuning that high-speed project with gentle startup and zero-backlash stops. It also acts as a remote foot pedal for starts and stops. The external speed controller must be used with a motor extension cable, sold separately (available in 3 or 6-foot lengths).

How to Purchase


These machines are sold in batches in our shop. Once we know a batch is almost ready we will make a post to our Blog to announce the date and time for the Shop Update. We highly recommend subscribing to our blog so you can be notified via email when these announcements are posted. To subscribe visit our blog and click the Log In/Sign Up button.

​Cost Breakdown


Martin with 3 Black Bobbins - $775

External Speed Controller (Optional)* - $125

Motor Extension Cable 3 FT or 6 FT (Optional)* - $23-25

Martin Bobbin extra 3 pack (black only) - $90

2 Extra Lazy Kate Axles (includes O-rings and Akerworks TensiTamers) - $40

* If you want to use an External Speed Controller you will need a Motor Extension Cable

What’s Included with Martin

  • Martin in a case

  • 3 bobbins with Aluminum Brake Drums

  • Orifice Hook

  • Premade Tension Band

  • 2 Lazy Kate Axles with Akerworks Tensi Tamers (additional available for purchase)

  • 1 Drive Belt

  • Spares Kit Bag (1 axle o-ring, 2 cinches, 1.5mm Kevlar tension cord, , 2 lazy kate disc bases, 1 rear bearing, 1 small super glue, and 2 tension springs)

  • PD3.1 Power Brick with USB-DC5525 15vDC Conversion Cable 3 feet

  • DC5525 power extension cable 6 feet

  • Manual

What can fit within the Martin Box


  • All parts required to operate your Martin including power brick and cables

  • Up to 4 Lazy Kate Axles (comes with 2)

  • 1 Full Bobbin on the flyer

  • Up to 4oz of fiber

Product Details


Materials: Carbon Fiber and 3D printed ABS plastic

Dimension Closed: 8.5" L x 9.5" W x 6.5" H (21.6x24.1x16.5 cm)

Dimension Opened: 8.5" L x 18" W x 7.5" H (21.6x45.7x19 cm)

Weight: 4.85 lbs (2.2kg) *

Tension: Scotch

Orifice: 12mm with a 6mm reducer

Bobbin: 5 oz Capacity of 30 WPI singles

Speed: 300-2,200 RPM (Rotations Per Minute)

Power Requirements: 15V
Speed Controller: Comes with built-in Internal Speed Controller. Can also use an external Magpie or Daedalus Speed Controller.

* Weight listed in stock weight which includes 1 empty bobbin, power brick, cables, spares kit, and 2 lazy kate axles.

Internal Speed Controller RPM


Due to the nature of the analog Internal Speed Controller and their inherit variances, we cannot provide specific RPMs for the Internal Speed Dial’s numbers. If you wish to have precise control of speed, we recommend using one of our External Speed Controllers. 

External Speed Controller RPM


The following RPM (rotation per minute) stats were recorded from a Martin that had approximately 20 hours of break-in time (top RPM will increase during break-in, which can be upward of 100 hours). Also, the RPM can vary slightly from one wheel to the next, so please use this as a general guideline.

External Speed Controller RPM

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