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RPM Comparison Chart  PDF


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Wheel Comparison Table

Current Wheels RPM Comparison Table

Retired Wheels RPM Comparison Table

The above stats were recorded from the personal wheels of Rebecca Giles. The RPM (rotations per minute) can vary slightly from one wheel to the next. The speeds listed on our wheel pages for each wheel is what we would consider a conservatively rated speed however after the initial break-in in shop and after being fully broken in wheels may see an increase in speed performance. Please use the above information as a general guideline for comparison to help you ballpark your speed from one wheel to another.

* Due to Falcon's wide range of speed we have included a more detailed table on the Falcon page which goes in increments of 5%.

** Magpie V2 has recorded RPM stats for 15% available on the Magpie V2 page.

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