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Wheel Comparison Table

RPM Comparison Table

The above stats were recorded from the personal wheels of Rebecca Giles. The RPM (rotations per minute) can vary slightly from one wheel to the next. The speeds listed on our wheel pages for each wheel is what we would consider a conservatively rated speed however after the initial break-in in shop and after being fully broken in wheels may see an increase in speed performance. Please use the above information as a general guideline for comparison to help you ballpark your speed from one wheel to another.

*Due to Falcon's wide range of speed we have included a more detailed table on the Falcon page which goes in increments of 5%.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I learn more about your manufacturing process?

I (Dave) am the designer and Rebecca and I are the fabricators of Daedalus Spinning Wheels. Each wheel is assembled, quality checked, broken in, and tuned before being shipped. Every part has been adjusted and fitted by hand. Only the highest quality components have been chosen. All questions are welcome via email.

What accessories are currently available?

The Daedalus Soft Start/Stop is required to run our wheels. They are sold separately for Starling and Sparrow. Magpie comes with a controller that is built into the face of the wheel that can be removed and used outside of the wheel. We offer a high-quality battery bank that can operate all of our wheels for over 10 hours. The battery comes with a USB Light. Extra bobbins are sold in packs of 3. We also offer a wide variety of hardware parts if needed. Most come in your Spares bag standard.

What custom colors are available?

Starling and magpie wheels come with custom color options. You pick the body which has been preassembled and then you pick the trim color also and we print and add the trim before shipping. Bobbins will be black and a pre-determined pattern; however you may order additional sets of bobbins in your choice of color and pattern, to be shipped at a later date.

What will the surface finish be like?

Our finish is textured due to the nature of 3d printing. 3D printed parts are created line by line, layer by layer, over the course of many hours. Because of this, they will have a bit of surface texture as "layer lines” rather than be completely smooth. In addition to the line texture, the tops and bottoms of each 3D printed part have unique textures. The bottom of the part is textured based on the texture of the 3D Printer bed and will vary depending on which printer it was printed on. The top of the part will feature the 3d printed lines of the last layer. The 3D printing process isn't perfect and there may be very small defects in the finish, usually as a very tiny bump here or there. However, any parts that have unusual defects are culled and reprinted.

I've heard that 3D Printed things will melt in your car on a summer day. Is this true?

In order for ABS plastic to melt in your car, it'd have to be hot enough to melt the car! Most hobby-level 3D printers will use a type of plastic called PLA. Although it's easy to work with and fine at room temperatures, it will quickly soften and bend in "hot car" temps. However, ABS plastic is the same type that's used in most of the parts in your car, because it's been designed to be tough, durable, and resist high temperatures without deforming. I only use the highest quality ABS I can find.

What is the Warranty?

At this time, our wheels come with a one-year warranty to the original registered purchaser that covers any manufacturer's defects. Damage resulting from accidental drops cannot be covered, but most cases have been simple and cheap to repair.

Where can I learn more?

We have a wonderful community on our Facebook group called Daedalus Spinners Group, dedicated to owners and interested others. Please feel free to join and peruse others' experiences with our products. And if that doesn't help, just send us an email and ask away!

How stable are Daedalus Wheels?

Because our flyers are individually balanced by hand, and through the use of a unique vibration dampening system, our wheels are amazingly stable even at their light weight and high speeds. If a yarn load becomes imbalanced as the bobbin fills, any slight “walking” can be avoided simply by using a tea towel (or rubber contact paper) when on a hard surface.

Are Starling bobbins cross compatible?

No. All Starling models have unique bobbins. The three types of Starling bobbins are:

  • V1 and V2 Mini
  • V1 and V2 XL
  • V3

Can I take my Daedalus Wheel and Battery on an airplane?

According to TSA regulations as of July 2021, our Battery is okay but must be carried on. It can NOT be taken in checked baggage. The Wheel is okay either way (remember that Magpies can be flat-packed) though we highly recommend carry on for your wheel to ensure safest travel.

When flying with your bird we recommend keeping all cords nice and tidy and ensure that you have everything you need to operate your wheel in one place. Having fiber on the bobbin and fiber ready to spin is also advisable. We have heard sometimes TSA agents may request you to dmonstrate how the machine works so having everything ready to go can expedite the process. Usually questions and demonstrations are due to curiousity rather than concern.

What’s so special about the aluminum brake drums?

They were introduced on Magpie and the results are just over the top. Capable of 100% speed on Magpie and still being room temp! This means no tension changes as the drum heats up during use, and it means you can run any belt material you wish. Although the satin nylon rat tail works still works well, we have other options like 1.5mm Kevlar that has great feedback for the fine spinners. In light of how well the aluminum drums improved the tension system for Magpie, we have made the aluminum drums standard on all our new wheels so you’ll find them on Magpie Standard (coming soon to Art Flyer), Starling V3, and Sparrow. And also coming soon for all older V1/V2 Starlings!


How can I buy one?

All wheels are sold in batches on a first come first serve basis on the website. Announcements are made in our Facebook group, Instagram account, and Ravelry group when an update is imminent. We are also frequent vendors at several fiber festivals and always have wheels with us then. In 2021 we will be vending at the following:

  • Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan - August 18th-22nd (no longer attending due to personal reasons)
  • SAFF (Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair) in Fletcher, North Carolina - October 22nd-24th
In 2022 we will be vending at the following:
  • PLY Away in Kansas City, Missouri
  • Maryland Sheep and Wool in West Friendship, Maryland
  • SSK (Super Summer Knit Together) in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan
  • SAFF (Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair) in Fletcher, North Carolina

How long does it take to ship after payment?

After an order for a wheel body is received, your trim parts will be placed in a queue to be printed. Once printed the trim will be added to the wheel and it should ship within 10-14 days of purchase. Orders for accessories like bobbin sets etc can take as long as 45 days, but is usually much faster. You are welcome to email me for the most up-to-date information.

Why when I click to buy, am I taken to the Spotted Ewe Fiber's Webstore?

Both Spotted Ewe Fibers and Daedalus Spinning Wheels are operated by myself and my wife. Rather than operate two webstores, we decided to sell these wheels at the Spotted Ewe Webstore.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. There will be customs and disbursements fees charged by your country’s import tariff regulations.

Help! I don’t know which wheel to pick!?

The No. 1 question we are asked daily is, “Which Daedalus wheel should I get?” And while we have a handy Wheel Comparison Table to aid in your decision making, we also felt the need for a whole page dedicated to helping you make the right choice for you. Check out the Which Wheel? page and if you have any further questions please shoot us a message via the contact form and we'd be happy to assist you further on deciding which wheel is best for you.


My wheel is running slower/faster than I remember for this speed

If you are using a battery pack to run your wheel and you have noticed your wheel is running slower or faster than normal for the speed you are running please check to ensure your battery pack is set to 15V. Using anything other than 15V can be harmful to your wheel.

Is there a break-in period?

All wheels are broken in before being shipped, to verify cool and quiet operation. You may notice the motor change its voice slightly when switching directions, as this indicates the motor brushes breaking in, possibly up to 50hrs in each direction.

What sort of maintenance and cleaning is required?

Daedalus Wheels are designed to never need oil or grease of any kind, anywhere. It may be necessary to clean the drive belt if it becomes soiled or darkened, as this can cause a bit of a squeak to develop. Use rubbing alcohol to clean the belt by hand, and clean the pinion pulley by running it without the belt at full speed, and holding an alcohol swab/patch deep into the groove. Repeat until the patch stays clean. Do not feel compelled to clean the drive belt just because it became dark, but only if it develops a squeak. The tension and drive belts should last a very long time. You are also welcome to experiment with other materials for the tension belt, as crochet cotton(#10) has become a popular substitute, but avoid monofilament (fishing line) or other harsh materials. 1.5 to 2.5mm Braided Kevlar has been a popular high performance belt but must be used strictly on the aluminum bobbin drums. Please email us if you have any questions. To clean your e-spinner, please use a lint-free cloth and if needed dampen the cloth with water only. Please do not use detergents or cleaners. Isopropyl alcohol is okay for worst case scenarios. If you live in a high humidity area you may notice some slight tarnishing on the maiden bearing. This can be cleaned with a jewelry polishing cloth. Any light machine oil coating will protect it. Please inspect your rubber o-rings for any cracks as dry rot can happen in extremely dry climates. They can be protected with any oil and are easily replaceable with the spares provided in your ki

What is Soft Start/Stop?

This is a programmable delay time built into the speed controller menu, which allows you to adjust the Start Delay and Stop Delays separately, from 0 to 10 seconds. A full bobbin may want to keep spinning and “backlash” some yarn off of the bobbin when you stop. By adjusting the Stop Delay time, you can fine tune how quickly your wheel stops, and eliminate backlash completely.

Can I spin short staple length fibers like cotton and cashmere on a Daedalus?

Yes! Although Sparrow has been optimized for the lightest gauges of 200+ wraps per inch, both Starling V3 and Magpie Standard are capable of both the high speed and light tension that are required for the higher twist needed for these short stapled fibers.

Can I spin long draw on a Daedalus Wheel?

Absolutely! The only caveat would be limiting the rate you feed the yarn in (depending on how much tension you are using) to avoid any ballooning at very high speeds. Otherwise, it is easy to long draw and reverse the feed to equalize twist.

How do I change settings on the Speed Controller?

Place the direction switch in the middle neutral position, press Stop/Start button so display shows a speed number, and press the menu button. Pressing menu repeatedly will cycle through the five menu items, adjust using the Up/Down Arrows. Press Stop/Start button again to exit the menu.

How easy is it to switch from Scotch to Irish Tension?

It’s as simple as removing the motor drive belt and tension belt, popping off the motor mount, and turning to face rearward. Then reinstall the motor drive belt onto the rear of the bobbin, and the tension system up front onto the flyer.

Video shows how to swap from Scotch to Irish for the Starling V3.


My wheel started making a sound and I don’t know why

We take great pride in the lengths we go to ensure our e-spinners are as quiet as possible. Should your wheel start to make an unusual sound please let us know so we can assist you. To best assist the situation we’ll need a video where we can clearly hear the noise as oftentimes we can identify the source just by the type of noise itself. Also photographs of the wheel from the sides so we can ensure everything is in proper alignment can help as well. Some things to check to help us diagnose:

  • Is the motor belt and tension belt properly aligned?
  • Try swapping the rear flyer axle bearing to the spare one.
  • Remove motor belt - is sound still there?
  • Switch motor direction - does sound change?

Do I need to be concerned about the motor overheating?

All of our wheels have been designed with motors powerful enough to do any spinning task and be barely warm. However, it is a good idea to monitor the motor temperature of any e spinner to make sure it’s not uncomfortable to touch - which could indicate a larger problem somewhere else.

I noticed the bearing is leaking. Should I be concerned?

A new bearing will “weep” or discharge a small amount of its factory grease charge during initial break in. This is perfectly normal. Clean with a dry q-tip or cloth.

My bobbin is backlashing. How do I fix this?

If you notice that when you wheel stops it spits some yarn out to the side you’ll need to adjust your Soft Stop Delay Time in the controller menu. This extra yarn is sometimes referred to as backlash or pigtails. In order to alleviate this issue you will need to Increase your soft stop time. By increasing the time, you allow the bobbin to come to a gentle and slow stop. The default Soft Stop is shown as “2.030” in the Speed Controller Menu, which represents a 3.0 second delay. Simply increase this value until you are pleased with how the wheel slows down.


Can I charge the battery and use it to power my Daedalus wheel at the same time?

No. You cannot charge the battery and use it at the same time. If you need to charge your battery please either use a different battery or use the power supply that came with your wheel.

Which power supply came with my wheel?

We highly recommend labeling your power supplies as it can be easy to forget which one goes with which electronic device. The following devices use these power supplies; you can read the fine print to differentiate. Do not under any circumstances use a wheel power supply to charge the Daedalus Battery or use the Daedalus Battery power supply to power your wheel. This can have harmful effects.

  • Starling V1 - 15vDC, 2amp
  • Starling V2 - 15vDC, 2amp
  • Starling V3 - 15vDC, 5amp
  • Magpie - 15vDC, 5amp
  • Sparrow - 15vDC, 2 or 3amp
  • Daedalus Battery - 18vDC, 2 or 3amp

While using the Daedalus Battery it randomly powers off, why?

If you notice that your battery times out while in use this is due to the wheel not drawing enough power. This happens with the Sparrow if the speed is set too low, and sometimes with the Starling too. To compensate for this, you can use a USB-powered light while your battery is in use or simply charge your phone using the USB port.

If I’m not using my Daedalus Battery how should I store it?

To ensure the longest possible life for your Daedalus Battery, please do not store it fully charged for extended periods of time. The proper storage charge is between 50% and 75%.