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Welcome to the Flock - An Intro For New Owners

Updated: 1 day ago

Hiya Everyone!

This blog is for all of our new wheel and winder owners. As a new Daedalus owner the first thing you'll want to do is head on over to our Warranty Page to register your device.

Next up is make sure you read over your manual. Your wheel and/or winder may have come with a manual but if it didn't you can find our PDF manuals here. We also have PDF manuals for our Speed Controller and Battery.

When setting up your wheel for the first time you'll need to put together your first tension belt. We have step by step instructions in the manual with photos but if you need to see larger photos we also have the same information available in our blog with images that can be viewed larger when clicked on.

Please also note that the Kevlar (yellow) tension belts are only to be used on aluminum whorl surfaces only. Do not use Kevlar on plastic surfaces.

Join Our Online Flock

We have a very active flock online. Join in and share your spinning with us. Facebook Group -


Saturday Night Zoom Spin In


The Daedalus Saturday Zoom Spin In takes place every Saturday at 7 pm Eastern (EDT) and usually runs at least a few hours. All spinners are welcome no matter what spinning device you own and we aren't always spinning so even if you are knitting, crocheting, weaving, etc come craft with us! 


Id 803 600 7502 Passcode 197552 

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