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Which Daedalus e-spinner is right for you?

Welcome to the flock here at Daedalus Spinning Wheels! We’re thrilled that you’re interested in purchasing one of our products. As spinners ourselves, we realize that choosing any wheel is a big decision.

The No. 1 question we are asked daily is, “Which Daedalus wheel should I get?” And while we have a handy Wheel Comparison Table to aid in your decision making, we thought we’d also list what we feel are some the most important factors to consider when weighing your options.  

Above all, know that whichever “bird” you choose, you’re going to love it, just as hundreds and hundreds of current Daedalus customers can attest. In fact, you will almost never see one of our e-spinners offered up for resale. Instead, our customers are so pleased with their Daedalus e-spinner purchases that many go on to buy another (and another!). 

Current models and what they're known for

Whether you’re new to handspinning or you’re an experienced spinner, you’ll find that all of our current e-spinners provide high-speed performance in both Scotch and Irish tensions, all are nearly silent while in use, built from nearly indestructible, lightweight carbon fiber/ABS, and their speed controllers, extension cables and power supply cords are interchangeable with all of our wheels. We’re certain you’ll find that the Daedalus e-spinners all outperform any other electric spinning wheel on the market and that their top speeds are higher than what you’ll need. Still, let’s take the above considerations and break things down further:



Our most powerful and adaptable wheel to date, with an RPM (rotations per minute) of 2,350 with the standard flyer in use (1,450 with the art flyer—still worlds ahead of most e-spinners).  We consider this our “all in one” spinning wheel, as it will spin fine singles as easily as it will spin your longest locks, super bulky yarn, coils and beehives, and every single yarn you can imagine in between. The art flyer’s 32 mm (1.26 inch) orifice (with a 20 mm reducer) means no more struggling with your loftiest, most inspired yarns, although the Standard Flyer’s 12 mm (with 6 mm reducer) still provides a soft landing whether you’re spinning low-twist singles or delicate lace. This e-spinner is for experienced and beginner spinners alike.


Magpie Body with Speed Controller Included - $950  

Art Flyer and 3 Bobbins - $500 

Standard Flyer and 3 Bobbins - $500 

Standard Bobbin 3 Pack (your choice of color) - $140 

Art Bobbin 3 Pack (only available in black) - $160 



Can’t decide between the Magpie and the Sparrow? You can’t go wrong with the Starling V3FP, our “in-between” powerhouse. The Starling has a small footprint, weighing in at just under 2.5 lbs., and yet it’s capable of spinning at 2,180 RPMs. Despite its capabilities, this e-spinner is small enough to take with you to your next guild meeting or spinning class. It has a 12 mm orifice (with a 6 mm reducer), making textured and bulky yarns equally as possible as lace-weight and low-twist singles. It has large-capacity bobbins which can hold 12-plus oz of yarn spun at 30 WPI. 

This e-spinner is an excellent entry point to owning and experiencing a Daedalus spinning wheel and can suit most any style or gauge of yarn. You’ll love it both spinning your singles and then plying them.



Starling V3 (without the speed controller) - $950  

Speed Controller (required to operate) - $125

Starling V3 Bobbin 3 pack (your color choice and pattern) - $125 

*Starling V3 price includes your choice of custom trim color. Comes with 3 all black Helios pattern bobbins but you may purchase additional bobbins in the color and pattern of your choosing.



Affordable and adorable, the Sparrow is our most in-demand Daedalus e-spinner. It may be small in stature, but the 1.5 lb. Sparrow is a dynamo. This wheel is for the spinner who loves to spin fine yarns, though its 6 mm orifice can handle up to a heavy worsted/Aran weight yarn. Bobbin capacity is roughly 5-plus oz of yarn spun at 30 WPI. If you’re a spindler who prefers to ply using a perfectly responsive wheel, and/or if interested in achieving the most whisper-thin yarns you’ve ever spun, this is the Daedalus spinning wheel for you. 



Sparrow (without the speed controller) - $500

Speed Controller (required to operate) - $125

Sparrow Bobbin 3 pack (black only) - $90

*Sparrow price includes 3 all-black bobbins.



This is a specialty e-spinner created specifically for those who spin thread and cobweb singles on the regular and are looking to do so with the option of production-level speeds. While we love to see our e-spinners out in the world, this is not an entry-point wheel, nor is it the right wheel for everyone. If you’ve maxed out the speed options on your Sparrow or Starling and find yourself waiting for twist to build into your singles while spinning at 100%, this could be the e-spinner for you.

Be aware that unlike our other Daedalus models, the Falcon is Scotch-tension driven only, offering the lightest of takeups combined with speeds previously unseen on the electric spinning wheel market. While the unit spins equally well at its lowest speed, it was designed for a specific market of highly experienced users whose requests for this e-spinner piqued our engineering minds into action.



Falcon (without the speed controller) - $900

Speed Controller (required to operate) - $125

Falcon Bobbin 3 pack - $90

*Falcon price includes your choice of custom trim color and comes with 3 all black bobbins.

When we first opened our husband-and-wife-run shop 4 years ago, we never imagined that our birds would generate so much interest from the spinning community, so quickly. We appreciate your patience as we navigate these new-to-us waters because above all else, we are dedicated to maintaining the same level of excellence in craftsmanship and customer service that so many have come to know and appreciate. 

Thank you!! 

Wheel Comparison Table

RPM Comparison Table

The above stats were recorded from the personal wheels of Rebecca Giles. The RPM (rotations per minute) can vary slightly from one wheel to the next. The speeds listed on our wheel pages for each wheel is what we would consider a conservatively rated speed however after the initial break-in in shop and after being fully broken in wheels may see an increase in speed performance. Please use the above information as a general guideline for comparison to help you ballpark your speed from one wheel to another.

*Due to Falcon's wide range of speed we have included a more detailed table on the Falcon page which goes in increments of 5%.

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