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Migrating Sparrows - the Journey Begins!

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

We have two Sparrows eager to go on an adventure of epic proportions! Tweety (yellow) and Sojourner (light blue) are currently in flight to their first destination on their first migration! The Sparrow Migration Program was designed to help connect the community together across the globe so that we can all share our spinning experience and see the world through the eyes of a spinner. Each participants gets to spend two weeks with a wheel, to take her on an adventure, and send her onto her next destination. We hope that our spinners will take advantage of this opportunity and take the Sparrow on a special outing. Each spinner is responsible for recording their adventures and experiences through writing and photos in the provided journal along with spinning 5 grams on a Community Bobbin which will be chain plied into a grand skein show casing what everyone spun on these traveling wheels.

Here is Tweety and Sojourner hatching on the bench with several other Sparrows.

They were part of a very large clutch of Sparrows. There were 30 Sparrows for a Shop Update, 20 Sparrows for a Lottery Shop Update, and 1 additional one that is destined for our upcoming Tour de Fleece as one of the grand prizes!

After the shop update was over Becca took Tweety and Sojourner on a tour of Horse Country in the heartland of Kentucky. They got to enjoy a beautiful sunset!

Tweety and Sojourner have upgraded their flying arrangements to the max! To keep them as safe as possible flying all over the place they will be nestled in these sweet pelican cases. It’s overkill but they wanted to make it easy for folks to ready them for their next flight and didn’t want to take any chances to have to make an unscheduled flight back to home base for a check up.

Over 140 spinners have applied to take part in the Migration so these two birds have a very busy Migration ahead of them! So far the itinerary has been mapped out all the way to January of 2022! It was very tough trying to plot the migration path out. Our Sparrows are eager to see where their journey takes them. This is only a small portion of their Migration so as we get further into the adventure we will be contacting more spinners.

On Saturday June 19th, Tweety and Sojourner nestled up in their Pelican cases each packed in a custom box and were taken to UPS. These two won't see each other until January of next year!

They'll be taking a quick stop with two of our Daedalus experts before they set off for the first stop on their itinerary. Tweety will touch down at Evanita's for a spin, photo shoot, and adventure before she’s off to Alaska for a month! Sojourner will touch down at the Ashen Wensleydale Farm to visit with Longdraw James our UK Homebase for the Sparrow Migration. Once she’s done visiting with James she’ll be touring around the UK for the next 6 months.

Migration Schedule

The following is an estimated schedule. We have built in time for shipping however as with any adventure there's always a bit of uncertainty. Updates about Tweety and Sojourner's travels will be shared on our Instagram and Facebook page/group.

Tweety's Itinerary

  • Christy R - Alaska - July 1-18

  • Lorrie G - Alaska - July 22-Aug 8

  • Krystal P - Washington - Aug 13-29

  • Jessica C - Washington - Sept 2-19

  • Nancy T - Washington - Sept 23-Oct 10

  • Esther E - Idaho - Oct 15-31

  • Susan L - Idaho - Nov 4-21

  • Leigh W - Oregon - Nov 26-Dec 12

  • Desiree G - Oregon - Dec 16-Jan 2

  • Valerie S - Washington - Jan 6-23

Sojourner's Itinerary

  • Rachel S - UK - July 1-18

  • Vampy - UK - July 22-Aug 8

  • Kathryn F - UK - Aug 12-29

  • Jan H - UK - Sept 2-19

  • Liz T - UK - Sept 23-Oct 10

  • Eve W - UK - Oct 15-31

  • Teresa P - UK - Nov 4-21

  • Jessica D - UK - Nov 26-Dec 12

  • Su J - UK - Dec 16-Jan 2

  • Sophie L - UK - Jan 6-23

Follow the Migration!

To keep tabs on the adventures of these two Sparrows follow us on DaedalusSpinningWheels on Instagram, Daedalus Spinning Wheels on Facebook, as well as this blog. All spinners participating on this program are encouraged to use the following hashtags on social media. #DaedalusSparrowMigrationProgram

Happy Spinning and Bird Watching!


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