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Tweety the Sparrow Alaska Excursion with Christy R.

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Hiya everyone!

Tweety the Sparrow's migration is going wonderfully! She spent two weeks with Christy R. in Fairbanks Alaska. They went on a ton of adventures so we'll share a peek at what all Christy and Tweety were up to during their two weeks together! The following is a glimpse into Tweety's adventures. For more photos be sure to check out Christy's Instagram account. Wishing you all Happy Spinning and Bird Watching!


Their fist stop together at Chena River at Pike’s landing. During most winters, the river freezes enough for cars to drive over an ice bridge to the other side.

Tweety had to get a photo in front of the famous “Love ALASKA” sign. While finding the perfect spot to get a photo with the sign a beautiful dragonfly decided to stop by.

The next stop on Tweety’s tour of Fairbanks was the ALASKA Pipeline. Built in the 70’s, this pipeline runs from Prudhoe Bay in the North of ALASKA, to Valdez.

After the Pipeline Tweety made a beeline over to North Pole Alaska where she visited none other than Santa Claus himself! Christy took Tweety to sit on Santa's lap and told him all about how there might be quite a few spinners who would like to add a Sparrow or other Daedalus spinner to their Christmas list. Christy also asked that if Santa had spun some yarn on Tweety, if it would it be magical and never drop a stitch. He said "just maybe!"

The next stop after visiting North Pole was to the end of the Alaska Highway in Delta Junction Alaska.

All migrating birds need to take a stop and visit the local nature preserves! Here's Tweety at the Denali National Park and Preserve. It was overcast but the views were still incredibly gorgeous! To see Tweety taking in the gorgeous sights be sure to check out this video that Christy recorded and shared on Instagram.

After visiting Denali, the last stop at this migration point was a fiber festival, Matsu Valley Fiber Festival! What a great way to wrap up this visit right!? Tweety got to see sheep and angora bunnies. She even got to visit two booths that specialize in Qiviut, the soft under down of a Musk Ox.

I love how this booth featured an adorable little Musk Ox plushie that is similar in size to Tweety.

Christy spent her last evening with Tweety spinning her part of the community bobbin. She picked out some lovely wool dyed by Fiber N' Ice Alaska.

Tweety had quite the cozy nest while with Christy. It looks like Christy and Tweety had a blast and we are so thankful to Christy for showing Tweety and all of us a wonderful time! We are looking forward to sharing with you Tweety's next adventures and stay tuned for an update on Sojourner.

Migration Schedule

The following is an estimated schedule. We have built in time for shipping however as with any adventure there's always a bit of uncertainty. Updates about Tweety and Sojourner's travels will be shared on our Instagram and Facebook page/group.

Tweety's Itinerary

  • Lorrie G - Alaska - July 22-Aug 8

  • Krystal P - Washington - Aug 13-29

  • Jessica C - Washington - Sept 2-19

  • Nancy T - Washington - Sept 23-Oct 10

  • Esther E - Idaho - Oct 15-31

  • Susan L - Idaho - Nov 4-21

  • Leigh W - Oregon - Nov 26-Dec 12

  • Desiree G - Oregon - Dec 16-Jan 2

  • Valerie S - Washington - Jan 6-23

Sojourner's Itinerary

  • Vampy - UK - July 22-Aug 8

  • Kathryn F - UK - Aug 12-29

  • Jan H - UK - Sept 2-19

  • Liz T - UK - Sept 23-Oct 10

  • Eve W - UK - Oct 15-31

  • Teresa P - UK - Nov 4-21

  • Jessica D - UK - Nov 26-Dec 12

  • Su J - UK - Dec 16-Jan 2

  • Sophie L - UK - Jan 6-23

Follow the Migration!

To keep tabs on the adventures of these two Sparrows follow us on DaedalusSpinningWheels on Instagram, Daedalus Spinning Wheels on Facebook, as well as this blog. All spinners participating on this program are encouraged to use the following hashtags on social media. #DaedalusSparrowMigrationProgram

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