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Teamwork Prep for Ply Away!

Tomorrow is the big day! Team Daedalus be hitting the road first thing Monday morning. It's taken the whole team to prep for this event. Dave and Becca have been super busy building wheels over the past several weeks along with preparing for the arrival of Longdraw James! Once James arrived there was more work to be had for a special project "AshenEwe"!

Becca and James worked together to develop special colorways to be made available during Ply Away and Maryland Sheep & Wool. Group dyeing doesn't always work out but Becca and James were like two peas from the same pod. They were totally in sync and even worked on dyeing the same pans together. It's so wonderful to see Becca dyeing and it looks like these two had a blast! I've seen some of the fiber and I can certainly say these braids are extra special!

In addition to dyed fiber there will also be some extremely luxurious fibers! This Yak down looks incredible!

While James has been at Daedalus HQ he's being spoiled rotten. Here he is with a very iconic Easter Basket full of goodies!

We've got the Daedalus Truck packed up to the brim!

Dave, Becca, and James are looking forward to seeing everyone at Ply Away! Wishing everyone safe travels and have an awesome time! - Evanita

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