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Sparrow Shop Update - Saturday February 18th

Updated: Apr 30

Black Sparrow with Teal Trim

Our next Sparrow Shop Update will take place this Saturday February 18th at 2 pm EST. We will have a timer banner at the top of the shop.

This is where you will find the listing for the Sparrows along with all your extras such as bobbins, accessories, batteries, and the Speed Controller.

How to Prepare for the Shop Update

  1. Make sure you have a Daedalus Shop account. If you haven't already signed up for a shop account login already on the new shop you'll want to ensure you do that ahead of time. At the top of the shop, you'll see a little person icon. Simply click on this and on the next page you'll click "Create account" to set up your account. Please ensure you fill out all the information and set up your shipping address so you don't have to worry about that later.

  2. We highly recommend you familiarize yourself with our shop. The Sparrows will appear under a listing that will only be available on the Sparrow collection page. To access this page simply click this link.

  3. For the best shopping experience, we recommend using a device that is capable of using Apple Pay or Google Pay. These methods of payments if set up are extremely quick. We also recommend if using PayPal to ensure that you are already logged in to your PayPal account in advance.

  4. You'll want to ensure you add any additional items you'd like to purchase before the shop update. This could include things like a Speed Controller which is required to operate our wheels. If you already have one of our wheels you don't need to purchase another controller. You can also add a battery pack, extra packs of bobbins, and an extension cable. Anything you can prepare in advance so that you can get through checkout as quickly as possible will improve your chances of scoring a wheel. The Sparrows are in high demand so they do go quickly but we encourage everyone who would like a Sparrow to try and if you don't succeed in this batch there will be more batches in the future!

  5. If you are outside the Continental United States please make sure to read about our international shipping and battery delivery. For those that are outside of the continental US, we can provide assistance with helping you find the right battery to operate your wheel.

About the Sparrow

Affordable and adorable, the Sparrow is our most in-demand Daedalus e-spinner. It may be small in stature, but the 1.5 lb. Sparrow is a dynamo. This wheel is for the spinner who loves to spin fine yarns, though its 6 mm orifice can handle up to a heavy worsted/Aran weight yarn. Bobbin capacity is roughly 5-plus oz of yarn spun at 30 WPI. If you’re a spindler who prefers to ply using a perfectly responsive wheel, and/or if interested in achieving the most whisper-thin yarns you’ve ever spun, this is the Daedalus spinning wheel for you.

Cost Breakdown

Sparrow (without the speed controller) - $500

Speed Controller (required to operate) - $125

Sparrow Bobbin 3 pack (black only) - $90

*Sparrow price includes 3 all-black bobbins. What's Included with your Sparrow

When purchasing a Sparrow you will receive the Sparrow, 3 bobbins, and an accessories kit that includes extra rat tail tension cord, your orifice hook, and a spare cinch, spring, rear bearing, o-ring, 2 rubber feet, and gasket.

Additional Items

The following are additional items you can add to your cart when purchasing your Sparrow. We recommend that if you wish to purchase these items that you add them to your cart before the shop update to save you time. Please note that the Speed Controller is REQUIRED to operate your Sparrow. If you do not already have a Daedalus wheel with a speed controller you will need one.

Speed Controller (required to operate) - $125

Battery with USB Light - $150

Sparrow Bobbin 3 pack (black only) - $90

Motor Extension Cables - $25

The Speed Controller is required to operate your Daedalus Wheel. If you already have one you do not need to purchase another one.

Battery includes a USB light.

Additional 3 pack of bobbins only offered in black.


Also don't forget that if you would like to purchase a Starling, Magpie, or Falcon we have a queue for these wheels. Simply go to their page and fill out the queue form to be on the waiting list. Wishing everyone the best of luck!

Happy Spinning!


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