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PLY Away 2022

Hello Fiber World! We have just gotten back to Daedalus Corporate Headquarters (ha) and are still riding the gravy train with biscuit wheels! We were so excited to get to interact in person again with all of you (and in real life 4k High Def resolution). From the event organizers Jacey Boggs Faulkner and Levi Faulkner (OMG they were so friendly and professional at once), all the way down to the first-time spinners... we can't express our gratitude and appreciation for the tremendous outpouring of support. I wish I could name each and every one of you that we finally got to meet in person, but this would honestly become a novella. From the organizers to the teachers to the attendees (go flock!), we will keep these moments in our hearts until we meet again. We love being part of this community and cannot thank everyone enough for the love and support we find. Until we meet again, we wish you all good health and cheer.

- Dave & Rebecca

The booth before the mad rush on Thursday!

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