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Daedalus Fly-In Retreat Vendor Spotlight - Hipstrings

March 1st-5th of 2023 kicks off the very first Daedalus Fly-In retreat! We will have 9 vendors and we’ll be featuring each vendor over the next several weeks on our Instagram and Facebook page. Over the past two weeks we have been featuring Jill and Nik of Hipstrings.

Hipstrings is a fiber arts company founded by Jill and Nicolas Duarte with the purpose of using "new" materials and technology to bring a modern twist to the ancient fiber arts. We love the way they use new technologies to create modern tools that are both functional and beautiful.

In addition to their awesome tools they also dye gorgeous fiber from wool blends to cotton as well as several lines of yarns!

For those who have been interested in spinning cotton they carry EZ Spin cotton which is a wonderful cotton to start learning to spin cotton with. They also have a Cotton Club for beautifully dyed cotton!

The WIP gauges are a must have for any spinner!

If you'd like to find out more information about Hipstrings check out the following links. Website/Shop

Facebook If you'd like to learn more about the Daedalus Fly-In Retreat for 2023 check out the official website.

Stay tuned for our next vendor feature which will be Tuft Woolens!

- Evanita

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