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Collaboration with Hipstrings!

During our prep for the Daedalus Fly-In, we worked with a few of our vendors so we could provide some excellent loot for our goodie bags. One of our favorites was a special Daedalus WPI tool by Hipstrings.

Daedalus Precise Control Card

In addition to this custom control card, Hipstrings also designed a brand new gauge the Nano Control Card to introduce at the Fly-In. This new control card is a perfect companion for our Falcons.

Nano Precise Control Card

We loved them so much that we decided to commission more Control Cards for the following WPI ranges Precise, Micro Precise, and the brand-new Nano Precise to be available for sale on our online store and at festivals.

Daedalus Precise, Micro Precise, and Nano Precise Control Cards

We are so thankful for the bonds we have with so many wonderful makers. Thank you so much, Jill and Nik for making such wonderful tools that are great companions to our wheels. - Evanita

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