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Troubleshooting Your Daedalus

Updated: Apr 30

If there is something wrong with your wheel, please review the following information. Should you need further assistance, please contact

Including photos and/or videos can be extremely beneficial for assisting you.

All Wheels

Wheel is making an unusual noise

Check the alignment of your tension anchors and drive belt/motor. Both the tension and drive belts should be vertically aligned (parallel with the rear/face). Make sure that neither belt is caught or rubbing on anything. Adjust Motor Mount and Tension Anchors as needed.

Make sure the following are clear of, and not interfering with, the movement of the flyer/bobbin:

  • Orifice Hook

  • Guides (not hitting the bobbin whorls)

  • Tension belt (not rubbing and excess tail out of the way)

If the noise persists, please check that the Rear Bearing is seated properly on top of the magnets. Then, if needed:

  • Run the wheel without tension on the bobbin

  • Run the wheel without the bobbin

  • Switch out Rear Bearing (using a replacement from your kit)

  • Remove the drive belt and let the motor run without it

If you still require assistance with a noise-related issue, please contact support after you’ve tested the above and let us know your findings, which will help us to diagnose the problem.

Guides are too difficult to move

Guides may be difficult to move at first with a new wheel. However, the more you use your wheel, the better they will move over time. If the problem persists, you can remove the guides and roll up some 80-200 grit sandpaper to enlarge and smooth the inside of the hole on the guides.

Guides are too loose

Remove the guide and inspect the inside that goes around the flyer arm. Looseness can be caused by a hairline crack. Should this occur, place a small amount of gel super glue into the crack and hold the guide firmly while the glue cures (a rubber band is useful here to hold everything tight while curing). If there is no crack, apply a very thin layer of gel super glue across the inner surface. Do not place it back onto the flyer until the glue has fully cured for at least 24 hours.

Wheel is heavily vibrating/walking

Ensure that your wheel’s four feet are firmly in place on a level surface—you can gently tweak your wheel to get all four feet flat. If spinning at really high speeds, make sure your guides are in sync and even with each other along both flyer arms. Sometimes the weight of a heavy bobbin will cause the yarn load itself out of balance, so test with an empty bobbin. If this does not help, please contact Daedalus Support.

Yarn is snagging on something

Check that your guides have the wire loop facing inward toward the bobbin. Also, ensure the wire loop is not rubbing on the bobbin end. Another common place for snags is around the base of the small black hooks on the flyer (for the Sparrow). If the yarn is still snagging, view the yarn from the side as it winds onto the bobbin to see where it appears to be catching. Also, try stopping the wheel when a snag happens, and investigate for snags along the yarn path.

Rear magnet came loose

Check to see if the magnet is attached to either the Rear Bearing or the other Rear Magnet. To keep it from loosening in the future, use a small amount of gel super glue in the pocket to secure it back into place. (Making sure the magnet’s orientation is opposing the other magnet will help hold it in place while the glue cures.)

The seal of the bobbin bearing is missing

Check the base of the flyer shaft to see if the missing seal is there. If there, you can simply push the seal back into place. In the worst cases where it continues to pop out, you can add a light smear of super glue around the outer edge of the seal, after it has been reinstalled. Wipe away excess glue with a bit of paper towel.

Magpie, Starling, and Sparrow

The face cup has become dislodged from the face

This part is designed to pop off should a fall occur to ensure minimal damage to your wheel. To fix this, you’ll need a 3mm allen key to remove the bolt. If the rubber grommet is not damaged, you can place the rubber grommet back into the face cup. If it is damaged, replace it with the spare in your spares kit and then screw the bolt back in from the top of the face cup. Avoid over-tightening in order to allow the face cup to pivot smoothly and easily.

Do not intentionally remove the Face Cup unless instructed to do so by Daedalus Support.


How do I remove the orifice reducer

This wheel does not come with an orifice reducer. Please do not unscrew the flyer cap unless instructed by Daedalus Support.


Wheel won’t power on and/or spin

Check to ensure that both the Internal/External Control Selection Switch is set correctly. Please review the Internal VS External Speed Controller section of this manual.


How do I remove the orifice reducer

This wheel does not come with an orifice reducer. Please do not unscrew the flyer cap unless instructed by Daedalus Support.

How do I flat-pack the Sparrow

This wheel does not flat-pack. Do not disassemble your Sparrow frame.

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