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Tips & Tricks - Daedalus Battery V4

Our newest battery the Daedalus Battery V4 is our easiest battery to use to date. However it does have a few tricks up its sleeve.

The Cable

This cable is a special one and no other cable should be used to connect your battery to your speed controller(or wheel in the case of Martin). This cable ensures that 15 volts is being transferred from the battery to your wheel. The Cable will draw power from the battery even if the cable is not plugged into the speed controller. When not in use please make sure the cable is unplugged from both the speed controller and the battery.

The Extra USB Port

On the Daedalus Battery V3 if the wheel was not drawing enough power it would automatically shut off. To remedy this we provided a USB light with the battery to ensure enough power was being drawn. The Daedalus Battery V4 does not require this, in fact no other items should be plugged into the battery while operating your wheel. If other items are plugged in this was disengage the power going to the wheel. Should this occur you will need to unplug all cables from the battery as well as unplug the cord to the speed controller. After everything is unplugged, you can then use the special cable to connect your battery and speed controller.

The Power Button

The Daedalus V4 Battery has some special features depending on how many times you press the power button. Tap Two Times - Low Power Mode

Tap Three Times - Battery Reboot

When in Low Power Mode the battery percentage number will rotate. While in this mode the battery will not provide enough power to the wheel which will result in the wheel going slow. If you notice this please make sure you exit Low Power Mode

  1. Should you accidentally enter Low Power Mode follow these steps Press your Speed Controller to Pause the Wheel

  2. Set your Speed Controller switch to Neutral

  3. Double Tap the Power button on your battery (when you do this the speed controller will power off)

  4. Once you've double tapped the power button the number on the battery screen should stop rotating but the speed controller will still be off. *

  5. Unplug the Speed Controller and then plug it back in (if power doesn't resume to speed controller unplug cable from battery as well and then plug everything back up)

  6. Once you've completed these steps you should be able to resume spinning.

* when the power cuts off on the speed controller while still being plugged in it will after a period of time power back on. Please make sure when you are not wanting to operate the wheel that your speed controller switch is always in the neutral position. If you are stopping your spin session or briefly walking away please unplug the battery cable from the battery and speed controller

If you press the power button three times it will state 188 and the battery will reboot.

Should you have any questions about your Daedalus battery please be sure to contact Daedalus Support via

- Evanita

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