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Sparrow Shop Update 3/12/22 at 4 pm EST

Updated: Apr 30

On Saturday the 12th of March at 4 pm EST we will be releasing a batch of Sparrows on our new shop This will be our first shop update on our brand new shop and due to this, there are some things you'll want to do ahead of time to ensure your shopping experience goes as smoothly as possible.

If you haven't already signed up for a shop account login already on the new shop you'll want to ensure you do that ahead of time. At the top of the shop, you'll see a little person icon. Simply click on this and on the next page you'll click "Create account" to set up your account. Please ensure you fill out all the information and set up your shipping address so you don't have to worry about that later.

We highly recommend familiarizing yourself with our shop. The Sparrows will appear under a listing that will only be available on the Sparrow collection page. To access this page simply click this link.

You'll want to ensure you add any additional items you'd like to purchase before the shop update. This could include things like a Speed Controller which is required to operate our wheels. If you already have one of our wheels you don't need to purchase another controller. You can also add a battery pack and extra packs of bobbins. For the fastest checkout, you'll want to ensure you are logged into your PayPal account in advance so you'll be all ready to go. Anything you can prepare in advance so that you can get through checkout as quickly as possible will improve your chances of scoring a wheel. The Sparrows are in high demand so they do go quickly but we encourage everyone who would like a Sparrow to try and if you don't succeed in this batch there will be more batches in the future!



We have added Apple Pay and Google Pay to our shop! These methods of payment if set up are extremely quick. If you have these payment options available to you we highly recommend using them.

In addition to this we have also decided to remove additional bobbins from purchase at this time as we currently do not have time with the upcoming festivals to make them. Additional bobbins will be available once things have settled down after Maryland Sheep & Wool.


Also don't forget that if you would like to purchase a Starling, Magpie, or Falcon we have a queue for these wheels. Simply go to their page and fill out the queue form to be on the waiting list. Wishing everyone the best of luck!

Happy Spinning!


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