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Daedalus Fly-In 2024 Registration is OPEN!

Greetings and Salutations Daedalus Flock,

I am overjoyed to announce we are having the next Daedalus Fly In retreat in 2024. That’s right, next year. We had so much fun we couldn’t wait any longer!

Things will go similar to last year. However, this year I will be fulfilling tickets on a first come first serve basis. Upon receiving your request, we will email to confirm your options and then send an email from PayPal for invoicing. Request your ticket now to get the best selection of classes.

I’m also happy to announce bigger classrooms, more teachers, a longer lunch, and an adjoining market and lounge. All our retreat rooms are in one area on the first floor. Date - February 28th - March 3rd, 2024

Location - Griffin Gate Marriot in Lexington Kentucky

We will be staying at the Griffin Gate Marriott again. The block this year will be $149 (plus taxes 16%, and a $15 resort fee) per night. Be sure to check out the hotel amenities, as the resort fee does get you some cool stuff like a 2 s’mores kits every day for the fire pits. Rooms are single occupancy for attendees as before, however, allowances are easily made for significant others wishing to visit the bluegrass area.

Teacher and Class Information:

Now for information on the retreat packages

Package price depends on how many class hours you wish to take.

We have two 6-hour classes (includes a 2-hour lunch break), and the rest are 3-hour classes.

  • $675 - 9 class hours plus extras

  • $825 - 12 class hours plus extras

  • $975 - 15 class hours plus extras

  • $1125 - 18 class hours plus extras

All standard packages include the following:

  • Welcoming Dinner

  • Photo Booth at the Dinner

  • Closing Dessert

  • 1 Raffle ticket

  • Goodie Bag

  • Private Lounge

  • Snacks and Drinks in the Lounge daily

  • Vendor Market

Available Optional Extras

  • Optional boxed lunch package ($100) that must be purchased in advance and will be available in the lounge during the retreat

  • T-shirts ($35)

  • Thermal bottle ($25), which can be engraved for a small fee ($10)

  • Additional tickets for your significant others for the welcoming dinner and closing dessert can be purchased for $125 (this price includes both events)

Reserve your spot at the Daedalus Fly-In 2024

So come spin with the Daedalus flock. It will be great fun. Hope to see you there!

Our Teachers

Emily Wholsheid
Emily Wholsheid

Esther Rodgers
Esther Rodgers

Jill Duarte
Jill Duarte

Julie Drogsvold
Julie Drogsvold

Michael Kelson
Michael Kelson


- Evanita

The Daedalus Fly-In 2024 hosted by Daedalus Enterprises LLC, and sponsored by Jeri Brock Woodworks, Urban Girl Yarns, and Daedalus Spinning Wheels LLC!

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