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Advice on Acquiring Wheels via Destash

We've noticed an issue lately with scammers trying to destash wheels on our Facebook group both our own wheels as well as traditional treadle wheels. In light of this, we thought it would be a good idea to provide some advice on how to safely purchase a wheel being destashed.

  • Make sure the seller knows what they are selling. Sometimes it's noticeable that the seller doesn't actually know what they are selling.

  • Don't be afraid to ask questions. Certain questions can help weed out scammers who don't actually understand the thing they are trying to sell.

  • Inquire about getting additional photos. Scammers often pull from other peoples photos so asking for additional photos can help.

  • Check the retail value of what is being sold. If the listing is grossly undervalued or overvalued exercise caution. Due to the high demand for our wheels, we have noticed that more often than not wheels are being destashed for their retail value or slightly under.

  • Has the seller been active in the community in the past? Check their account to see when they joined the group and if they have made past postings to the community. If they have just recently joined the group or do not have any prior activity in the group exercise caution.

  • Check the seller's profile to see what sort of stuff they have posted.

  • For your safety, we strongly recommend against using the "Pay friends and family PayPal".

  • Don't hesitate to contact to check in about the destash posting.

Where to Find Destash listings?

We highly recommend checking for destash listings on our Facebook Group, Discord Community, and Ravelry Group.

- Evanita

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