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A Spa Day for your Daedalus Spinning Wheel

Updated: Apr 30

It's a brand new year! One of the things I like to do to ring in the new year is treat all my wheels and spindles to a spa day. What does a spa day entail? Well that depends on the tool. For Daedalus wheels the items you need on hand for treating your wheel to a spa day is quite a bit different than what you would need for a spinning wheel made of wood. The first thing you'll want to do is check out the manual for your wheel. We have information about maintenance for your wheel which includes cleaning information. The following excerpt is from our Magpie V2 Manual.

Our wheels are designed with high grade, sealed roller bearings that are greased from the factory and will never require oil or any other attention. No parts of our wheels require oil or grease of any kind.
If you notice your achievable tension being less than before, the Kevlar tension belt may need to be cleaned of aluminum oxide buildup. Inspect the area of the belt that contacts the aluminum drum. If there is a large buildup of dark powder, you can freshen it by gently brushing the belt with your thumb to remove most of the alumina. The contact area of the Kevlar may show some “seasoning,” in the form of being a little fuzzy. This is to be expected and should not change the tension profile. The provided belt material is 1.5 mm Kevlar (yellow). You may experiment with other Kevlar braids from 1.0 to 3 mm for a softer or firmer tension profile. You are welcome to try other materials like cotton, nylon, or silk.
To clean your e-spinner, please use a lint-free cloth. If needed, dampen the cloth with water only. Please do not use detergents or cleaners. Canned air is recommended for keeping crevices clean of fiber and yarn debris, but be certain to keep the can upright while spraying to avoid damaging the surface.
If you live in a high humidity area, you may notice some slight tarnishing on the maiden bearing. This can be cleaned with a jewelry polishing cloth.
Please inspect your rubber o-rings for any cracks, as dry rot can happen in extremely dry climates. They can be protected with any oil and are easily replaceable with the spares provided in your kit.
If you need any assistance with your wheel, please do not hesitate to reach out to

How to Clean 3D Printed and Carbon Fiber Parts

We recommend using a lint-free cloth to clean your wheel. You can also use a soft paint brush and canned air to help keep crevices clean of fiber, VM, and dust. When using canned air please make sure the can is upright while spraying to avoid damaging the surface. If needed you can dampen your lint-free cloth with water only. Do NOT use any detergents, soaps, or cleaners of any kind. Do NOT immerse any part of your wheel in water.

How to Clean the Maiden and Rear Bearings

To clean the bearings on your wheel you can use a lint-free cloth. If you live in a high humidity area, you may notice some slight tarnishing on the maiden bearing. This can be cleaned with a jewelry polishing cloth. If you feel the jewelry cloth isn't helping please contact for further assistance.

Help My Wheel is Super Dirty!!

If your wheel is super dirty and these measures are not enough we highly recommend if your wheel is able to flat-pack (Magpie, Starling V3FP, and Falcon) that you go ahead and flat pack your wheel for easier time cleaning. From there you can go over each piece in greater detail to clean any debris.

I Need More Help!

If you find that you are in a situation that these cleaning measures are not enough please contact us via with information concerning your situation and photos so we can help you with how to get your wheel all cleaned up.


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