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Maryland Sheep & Wool - May 2023

Updated: May 5, 2023

May 6th-7th - Maryland Sheep & Wool in Howard County Fairgrounds, West Friendship, MD

Dave, Becca, Jenn, and Katie have been super busy prepping for Maryland Sheep and Wool! It's been quite the team effort to stock back up on wheels along with our brand new Roly-Poly and Whirligig. Below is a peek at some of the Starlings and Sparrows we will have available. There will be quite a selection to choose from! Currently, our Starlings are waiting on shelves and the Sparrows are all nestled up in their nesting tote as they wait for the big event.

Where To Find Us:

The Daedalus Spinning Wheels booth will be in Barn 4 spots 2 & 4 located just inside the building when coming in from Livestock Lane.

What's in Store?

We will have the following available for sale.

Sparrows - $500

3 Pack of Sparrow Bobbins - $90

Extension Cables - $25

Starlings - $950

3 Pack of Starling Bobbins - $125

Speed Controllers - $125

Batteries - $150

Roly-Poly - $690

Whirligig - $550

4oz Fiber Braids w/Silk - $30

4oz Fiber Braids w/o Silk - $24

6oz Cormo - $54

Batts - $40

Online Shop Update

We will be temporarily closing the online shop from May 3rd-10th while we are away for this festival. Shipping delays surrounding the event are expected so please keep this in mind.

After Maryland

Once the fiber dust has settled after Maryland we are planning to put together a Sparrow Shop Update as well as a Roly-Poly/Whirligig Shop Update. Next up for the queue builds will be Magpies so stay tuned for when we announce more information about the next batch of Magpies.

Wishing everyone going to Maryland a spectacular time!

Happy Spinning! - Evanita

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