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The First Flock of Starlings for the New Year! (UPDATE 1/5/24)

Updated: Jan 5

Happy New Year everyone! Another flock of Starlings is gathering! Our new team members have been finding their stride and it's allowing us to make a larger dent in our queue. We have sent out Build emails for additional Starling V3FPs. Emails are sent from

We highly recommend adding this email address to your contacts to help ensure the email doesn't land in spam. If your name is in the list below and you do not see the email please check your spam. T. Iverson

J. Warren

J. Shepherd

C. Adams

K. Meek

J. Montoney

Y. Joyce

M. Anderson

S. Fricks

J. Sodikoff

D. Garino

S. Shook

J. Moats

R. Marheine

S. Lynam UPDATE 1/5/24

D. Hawthorne

G. Cable

L. Tucker

L. Hansen


A. Brown

B. DeRusha

D. Lavalle

D. Horsch

L. Bergman

About the Starling V3FP

Can’t decide between the Magpie and the Sparrow? You can’t go wrong with the Starling V3FP, our “in-between” powerhouse. The Starling has a small footprint, weighing in at just under 2.5 lbs., and yet it’s capable of spinning at 2,180 RPMs. Despite its capabilities, this e-spinner is small enough to take with you to your next guild meeting or spinning class. It has a 12 mm orifice (with a 6 mm reducer), making textured and bulky yarns equally as possible as lace-weight and low-twist singles. It has large-capacity bobbins which can hold 12-plus oz of yarn spun at 30 WPI.

This e-spinner is an excellent entry point to owning and experiencing a Daedalus spinning wheel and can suit most any style or gauge of yarn. You’ll love it both spinning your singles and then plying them.

Cost Breakdown

Wheel: Starling V3 (without the speed controller) - $950


Speed Controller (required to operate) - $125

Starling V3 Bobbin 3 pack (your color choice and pattern) - $125

Battery - $125usd (Cannot ship outside of the continental US)

Daedalus Precise Control Card - $12usd

Daedalus Micro Precise Control Card - $12usd

Akerworks AkerKate 4 Shaft (Standard) Lazy Kate - $156 (Cherry or Maple) $172 (Walnut)

Akerworks Flat-Pack Yarn Caddy & Standard ClampyKate Kit - $50

To learn about the various accessories for the Starling V3FP please review the following page. 

The Starling can have a Body color and Trim Color. Please note that UV Reactive colors are only available as Trim.

What's Included with your Starling V3FP Purchase

When purchasing a Starling V3FP you will receive the wheel along with three black Helios bobbins and an accessories kit. If you do not already have a Daedalus Speed Controller whether our standard one or the one that fits within the Magpie then you will need to make sure you add one to your order.

Starling V3FP
Starling V3FP
Three Black Helios Bobbins
Three Black Helios Bobbins


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