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The First Flock of Magpies for the New Year!

Updated: Apr 30

Art Yarns spun by Hannah Yim

Happy New Year everyone! We have sent out Build emails for the next batch of Magpies from our queue this morning. Emails are sent from We highly recommend that you add this email address to your contacts to help ensure the email doesn't land in spam. If your name is in the list below and you do not see the email please check your spam. For those who are still waiting our queue is currently at a 6 months or less wait so keep a close eye on our blog posts for when your name comes up. For those who are thinking about signing up for a Magpie this is a perfect time to sign up!

J. Warren


J. Snyder

D. Horsch

M. Brewer

M. Kodzoman

N. Schlosser

C. Raney

K. Kurz

S. Spielman

P. Cruz

K. Chang

M Shima

About the Magpie V2

Our most powerful and adaptable wheel to date, with an RPM (rotations per minute) of 2,550 with the standard flyer in use (1,550 with the art flyer—still worlds ahead of most e-spinners). We consider this our “all in one” spinning wheel, as it will spin fine singles as easily as it will spin your longest locks, super bulky yarn, coils and beehives, and every single yarn you can imagine in between. The art flyer’s 32 mm (1.26 inch) orifice (with a 20 mm reducer) means no more struggling with your loftiest, most inspired yarns, although the Standard Flyer’s 12 mm (with 6 mm reducer) still provides a soft landing whether you’re spinning low-twist singles or delicate lace. This e-spinner is for experienced and beginner spinners alike.

Cost Breakdown


Magpie V2 Body with Speed Controller Included - $950

Flyer Kits:

Art Flyer and 3 Bobbins - $500

Standard Flyer and 3 Bobbins - $500


Standard Bobbin 3 Pack (your choice of color) - $140

Art Bobbin 3 Pack (your choice of color) - $160

Battery - $125usd (only available within the continental US)

Daedalus Precise Control Card - $12usd

Daedalus Micro Precise Control Card - $12usd

Akerworks AkerKate 2 Shaft (Magpie) Lazy Kate - $156 (Cherry or Maple) or $172 (Walnut)

Akerworks Flat-Pack Yarn Caddy & Magpie ClampyKate Kit - $53

To learn about the various accessories for the Magpie please review the following page.

Magpie Trim is available in the following colors.

What's Included with your Magpie V2 Purchase

When purchasing a Magpie V2 you will receive the Magpie V2 Body, Built in Speed Controller, and accessories kit. You will need to pick which Flyer Kit you would like to go with your Magpie V2 Body. If you purchase one Flyer Kit and would like the other kit, you can order it at any time.

Magpie V2 Body with Built In Speed Controller
Magpie V2 Body with Built In Speed Controller
Magpie V2 Art Flyer with 3 Bobbins
Magpie V2 Art Flyer with 3 Bobbins
Magpie V2 Standard Flyer Kit with 3 Bobbins
Magpie V2 Standard Flyer Kit with 3 Bobbins


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