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Introducing the Martin

We are excited to finally be able to announce “Martin,” the latest E-Spinner from here at Daedalus. This has been an endeavor to develop a powerful wheel for all-around work, yet delicate when asked for fine lace… and all built into the perfect travel case! The first prototype began testing in March, and we have completed the full testing of the final production model. We think you’re going to love it! Martin is completely self-contained with all necessary accessories for spinning on-the-go. We were inspired by “The Device” and have consulted with @abbysyarns throughout the conception of Martin.

I’ve been following along with the development of the Martin and it’s so exciting! Making a seriously portable, self contained wheel with its own box is harder than you might think, and the Daedalus team is really on their game again. I’m so ready for this wheel there are no words - Abby Franquemont

We utilized the battle-proven Starling V3 power system, which drives a robust flyer and bobbin (capacity is similar to Sparrow). This combination provides commercial-grade torque for the absolute toughest jobs you can throw at it. And with our Daedalus exclusive air-cooled aluminum brake drums and Kevlar belting, it is easily able to dissipate all the heat from the most abusive professional-level work. Yet, Martin is still mild-mannered at slower speeds. From novice to expert, anyone will be able to appreciate and enjoy Martin’s quiet, smooth power that has become the Daedalus trademark. Thank you for following along with us as we continue to grow!

Livestream Recording

Our Testers


I received my Martin for testing just before heading out on a train trip. I have traveled with a few of my other Daedalus in the past but taking Martin on this trip was next level. I loved how compact it was which made it easy to store while hauling all our luggage onto the train. It was super easy to set up and when I needed to put it away it was quick to package up ensuring that everything was safely stored to not accidentally loose anything while traveling. I look forward to taking this little bird on more adventures in the future.


Setting up was super easy, I had the whole wheel together and ready to go in under 3 minutes! Since having had the Martin a little bit now, I'm down to 45 seconds from boxed to ready to spin! It's super intuitive!

60WPI singles were easy straight out of the box and within 30 minutes I was spinning 150WPI Polwarth singles without any hassle or difficulty! I particularly like the speed dial, which has a great feel. Different to the on/off click of the speed controller in experience but I've really been enjoying it.

I've been spinning some ultrafine luxury fibers recently; if any fiber we're going to give a wheel problem it would be these. As expected, the Martin breezes through these ultra tricky, short luxuries (vicuna, guanaco, qiviut, and bison) with ease!

4 skeins: Dark brown(100% Bison), pale camel color (100% Guanaco), pale grey (100% Qiviut), and orange (100% Vicuña).


My Martin arrived for testing just a few days before I was leaving for a 10-day road trip visiting family & friends. So after some time familiarizing myself with Martin & spinning using both the built-in speed controller & the external digital controller, I decided to take Martin as my wheel for my trip. Given how much is built into Martin, packing and preparing was super easy. With just Martin, my battery, bobbins & fiber, I was set to go & felt confident that the wheel was safe & protected in its 'nest'. Setting up & packing up was a simple process that took less than 2 minutes & the stable platform that Martin's box provides made it easy to have it totally stable for spinning using a padded stool as a place to put it when spinning. The wheel uses Scotch tension & feels very similar to my other Daedalus wheels when spinning, I really expected to want to use my external, digital, speed controller but found that I really enjoyed spinning using the built-in controller & when starting & stopping using the speed adjustment wheel I was easily able to start & stop gently & was able to consistently return to my desired spinning speed. The built-in Lazy Kate worked so well for me! I was able to ply 2 bobbins together easily while staying totally self-contained! And as a grandma of a toddler, who is fascinated with my wheels, I love that when Martin is packed up, it protects itself from little fingers that want to play! This new design does not disappoint! It is great for home & travel & l look forward to having many adventures with it!


For my testing, I focused on filling the bobbin to capacity for what will become a two-ply lace-weight yarn. The fiber I chose was a Rambouillet/Tussah 80/20 blend from Inglenook Fibers (magic nun fluff!) in the Red Panda gradient set. Singles were spun to about 64 wpi with the ply back sample measuring to 36 wpi. The Martin has a manual onboard speed control dial, and it also supports the external controller. I focused on the onboard controller. I wanted to know if it would prove to be awkward having to dial in my speed after every guide change, and I was pleasantly surprised to find myself not only enjoying, but kinda preferring the onboard controller for this particular bird. I was able to quickly dial in my speed and fine-tune it quite easily, and since I didn’t have to worry about bringing a speed controller with me, that was one less thing to set up and take down.

I just got back from a business trip and I was able to set up and start spinning in about a minute and a half. When it came time to pack up and go home, I did a relaxed and deliberate packing test and was ready to leave in two minutes and three seconds, and that included rolling my braid into a pretty coil and stowing it in the cover. As for my capacity test, I finished my final braid in the set with the bobbin weighing 234g, 76g of which was bobbin tare, which means I have 158g on the bobbin, and as you can see in the photo, I still have room to add my final 20g to finish this first ply. Then I’ll move on to spinning the second ply.

I could go on and on about this new bird, but I can sum it up in one simple phrase - it spins like a Daedalus, and not only is it now my go to travel wheel, it also sits on my desk for spinning during lunch and long conference calls as it anxiously awaits the next opportunity to hit the road and fly shotgun.


For the last few years, my Sparrow has been my go-to travel wheel. It's been to dozens of guild meetings and vacations, but my forgetful nature has often left me at an event with missing parts. With the Martin everything I need to spin is right at hand, conveniently built into a sturdy travel case, and the best part is that it spins just like all of my other Daedalus wheels! My travel checklist has been cut down to just three items: wheel, battery, fiber. I believe that the Martin and I will have plenty of great adventures in our future!


Martin with 3 Black Bobbins - $775

External Speed Controller (Optional)* - $125

Motor Extension Cable 3 FT or 6 FT (Optional)* - $23-25

Martin Bobbin extra 3 pack (black only) - $90

2 Extra Lazy Kate Axles (includes O-rings and Akerworks TensiTamers) - $40

* If you want to use an External Speed Controller you will need a Motor Extension Cable

What's Included with Martin

  • Martin in a case

  • 3 bobbins with aluminum brake drums

  • Orifice hook

  • Premade tension band

  • 2 Lazy Kate axles with Akerworks TensiTamers (additional axles are available for purchase)

  • 1 drive belt

  • Spares kit bag (1 axle O-ring, 1 extra rear bearing, 1 cinch, 1 spring, and Kevlar tension cord)

  • USB C PD3.1 Power Brick with USB-DC5525 15V Trigger Cable (3 feet)

  • DC5525 power extension cable (6 feet)

  • Manual

Product Details

Materials: Carbon Fiber and 3D printed ABS plastic

Dimension Closed: 8.5" L x 9.5" W x 6.5" H (21.6x24.1x16.5 cm)

Dimension Opened: 8.5" L x 18" W x 7.5" H (21.6x45.7x19 cm)

Weight: 4.85 lbs (2.2kg)*

Tension: Scotch, 1.5mm Kevlar braid

Orifice: 12mm with a 6mm reducer

Bobbin: 5 oz Capacity of 30 WPI singles

Speed: 300-2,200 RPM (Rotations Per Minute)

Power Requirements: 15vDC Speed Controller: Comes with built-in Internal Speed Controller. Can also use an external Magpie or Daedalus Speed Controller.

* Weight listed in stock weight which includes 1 empty bobbin, power brick, cables, spares kit, and 2 lazy kate axles.

How to Purchase

Martins are sold in ready-made batches, in a shop update format. We highly recommend familiarizing yourself with our shop. The Martins will appear under a listing that will only be available on the Martin collection page.

Take your Spinning on an Adventure with the Daedalus Martin

- Team Daedalus

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