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New Bobbins for Your Birds

Updated: Jan 27

Happy New Year from Team Daedalus! We have been diligently working on our wheels and winders, and thanks to this our queues are shorter than ever. This allows us time to reflect on old projects and design new ones. There are always so many things we’d love to make possible, such as new patterns and colors for bobbins, but as you all know there just aren't enough hours in the day.

For this reason, we’ve decided to mentor a member of our flock as he spreads his wings and becomes the new maker to watch in the industry. Those of you who attend our Saturday Zoom may already know him. This person shows tremendous promise. He’s already very familiar with our product line, as he owns many of our designs. He’s a problem solver, an innovator, and an all-around great guy.

We are proud to introduce the designs of FiberFox Workshop, the brainchild of Brian Holmen.

We at Daedalus have been listening to you (the flock) about your desire for colored bobbins, specifically for Sparrows. The sad reality for us is, time is in short supply and printer loads are high, so we started to discuss other options. Brian had come to our attention during our Saturday spin-ins on Zoom. We watched him grow as a designer working on props for his theater group and were always very impressed by his attention to detail. So naturally when the demand for colored Sparrow bobbins reached a deafening roar, we looked to Brian, and boy did he deliver.

To start off with, Brian’s design studio, FiberFox Workshop, will be offering 4 bobbin patterns in 10 of your favorite colors for the Daedalus Sparrow spinning wheel. These bobbins will be of the same quality you all know and love from Daedalus. That means the filament, bearings, and aluminum drums are all Daedalus sourced. Brian has worked with Dave extensively to perfect his designs and assembly techniques to meet our rigorous standards.

Patterns Available

Classic (Daedalus original), Bubbles, Atomic Love, and Starburst


Black, White, Rose, Yellow, Lime, Teal, Light Blue, Royal, and Purple

In addition to providing Sparrow bobbins, Brian has also developed a way to allow bobbin rewinding on the Daedalus Martin! Just like Dave, he keeps a close tabs on the community, and as soon as he saw someone mention they wished they could rewind bobbins on the Martin, his brain went into overdrive. Grabbing his digital calipers and his Martin, he had a working prototype that Dave and some of his testers were able to use that very same day. Evanita has been eager to share her experiences and photos with the community ever since.

Ok, my Lovely Flock members grab a pen and some paper I’m going to give you all the details now so you can FLY (that’s right don’t walk or crawl) over to his website to check things out.

First Shop Update: February 17th

Time: 2 PM PST / 3 PM MST / 4 PM CST / 5 PM EST

What the Shop Update will Include: Sparrow Bobbin 3 Packs & Martin Bobbin Rewinders

Tell Me More About These Bobbin Packs?

Bobbin Packs include 3 bobbins in one color/one pattern Pricing Bobbin 3 Pack - $90 Martin Rewinder - $35

- Becca & Dave

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