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Daedalus Fly-In Retreat Update

Hi all I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the retreat so I thought I’d provide some more information.

In June I will open a Google form on both the retreat website and the Daedalus website. This is a request to attend the retreat. The request form will be open for 1 month at which time I will begin invoicing people. We at Daedalus have been blessed by our community in that when we open a new project there is quite a bit of interest. Due to this fact I expect many more requests than tickets (to answer that question I have 75 spots) I will be choosing names from a queue using a random number generator if more than 75 requests come in which is very likely. This may upset many people but I see no other way to ensure anyone can come regardless of technological issues (numbers will be assigned according to order of request)

I request that you stay at the hotel. Rooms are single occupancy. To be as candid and honest as possible (and we all know honesty is the best policy right) I have a room block that must be filled in order for the retreat to go on to a second year. This is a community building project and for that reason it must be self sufficient. And the room rate is great ($145usd per night) please take advantage of it.

The cost of attendance is separate from the hotel fees. To attend the retreat it is $600usd. The price includes the welcoming dinner Wednesday, 3 classes over 3 days, a private lounge, a Friday and Saturday vendor market, nightly events as well for after hours fun. On the Google request form there are class choices for your first, second and third choices. I will assign classes this year (the second year will most likely be different). Everyone will get 3 classes, one class each day of the retreat. My goal is to get everyone all 3 first choice classes however this might not be possible. Classes are 3 hours long. Materials fees will be listed on the website and are not included in the price of the retreat. Fees must be paid in cash directly to the instructor at the beginning of class.

And lastly this will be a fully vaccinated and boosted event. Again I’m sorry if this upsets people but it is necessary. I will allow doctor note exemptions however they will all be evaluated on a case by case basis as everyone is unique so are their situations. We strive to make this the most accessible event possible. Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding as we work through organizing our very first retreat.

Please send questions to - Becca

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