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Maryland Sheep & Wool - May 2024

Updated: Apr 30

May 4th-5th - Maryland Sheep & Wool in Howard County Fairgrounds, West Friendship, MD

Hello my lovely flock, spring is in the air and that means Maryland Sheep and Wool is not far away. This year we will have a huge selection of wheels in a myriad of colors as well as winders galore, and for all you Starling V3 and V3FP owners we will have our new Starling Lace Flyer in the booth with plenty of extra bobbins. Please be sure to come by the booth in our new location, Main Expo Hall in Booth C31 & C32.

Where To Find Us:

We are in a new location this year! The Daedalus Spinning Wheels booth will be in the Main Expo Hall in Booth C31 & C32.

What's in Store?

We are planning to have the following available for sale. Please note that we are still preparing so this list may change.

Magpie V2 Bodies - $950

Magpie V2 Standard Flyer Kits - $540

Magpie V2 Art Flyer Kits - $560

Martins - $775

3 Pack of Martin Bobbins - $90

Sparrows - $500

3 Pack of Sparrow Bobbins - $90

Starling V3FPs - $950

Starling V3/V3FP Lace Flyer Kits - $440

3 Pack of Starling Lace Bobbins - $90

Extension Cables (3 and 6 ft) - $23-25

Speed Controllers - $125

Batteries - $125

Roly-Poly - $690

Whirligig - $550

4oz Fiber Braids w/Silk - $30

4oz Fiber Braids w/o Silk - $24

Batts - $40

Online Shop Update

We will be temporarily closing the online shop from May 1st-8th while we are away for this festival. Shipping delays surrounding the event are expected so please keep this in mind.

After Maryland

Once the fiber dust has settled after Maryland we are planning to put together a Shop Update for what is left over from the festival.

Wishing everyone going to Maryland a spectacular time!

Happy Spinning! - Evanita

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