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Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

UPDATE 10/20/22 - We've been relocated to spots 310 & 312.

Dave and Becca have been busily preparing for their last festival of the year SAFF which is held in Fletcher North Carolina on October 21st-23rd. There will be a large assortment of Sparrows in a variety of colors along with some Starlings V3FPs and Magpie V2s.

We will be located in the Davis Arena in spot 406, 408. Check out SAFF's website to view their vendor map.

Dave tending to a rainbow of Sparrows
Dave tending to the flock of Sparrows that will be touching down at SAFF.

After SAFF we will be prepping for a batch of Sparrows as well as working on Magpies for the queue. - Evanita

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