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Introducing the Starling V3FP!

We are happy to announce that our most popular all-around E-spinner, the Starling V3, has gotten some cool new upgrades! By listening to the feedback from our customers, Starling V3 has now become Starling V3FP Flat-Pack, by adding the ability for our owners to quickly disassemble and reassemble the chassis just like Magpie and Falcon. Although it’s small enough to easily transport to the local guild meeting in a car, this added ability will come in handy for air travel.

Why stop there? I’ve had some other ideas kicking around that I was able to throw in. First is a two-speed motor pinion (the pulley on the front of the motor). It now has two grooves, a low speed that offers maximum torque (great for heavy tension plying jobs, or low twist singles), and still gets up to 2200rpm. But if you max out the speed control at 100% and still crave more, there’s a high-speed groove that will push you over 2400rpm! This doesn’t seem like a big difference until you feel it - that extra speed can be used during jobs like very fine gauge high twist singles.

And it keeps getting better… I’ve changed the flyer design to use an aluminum whorl. Why? Well, I’ve been supplying nylon rat tail for a brake band material, but Kevlar is obviously a much stronger option that also has a very nice personality as it breaks in and wears. The problem was that it can only be used on aluminum drums because it is just asking too much for a plastic drum to fight. And since Starling can be used in Irish tension with the brake band on the flyer, I thought it would be the absolute best for our customers if I were able to provide a Kevlar and aluminum brake system in both Scotch and Irish tension. The feedback from our testers has been amazing, reporting that this combination is truly a professional grade solution for the high temperatures that our brake systems are capable of achieving. Daedalus wheels are capable of extremely high speeds, and physics demands a brake system that is composed of appropriate materials. T6061 aluminum has an extremely high thermal conductivity, shedding the heat before it can build (torture tests never exceeded 130F on the Kevlar and 100F on the drum, under full speed and extreme unusable tension). Kevlar has a melting point of around 930F, so let’s just say that this material was born to do the job.

All of these upgrades, and I will not be raising the price whatsoever. My goal was simply to provide the best possible product that I can. Enjoy!

- Dave

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