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A Brood of Magpies AND Starlings are in the works! (Updated 11/14/23)

Updated: Nov 14

We have sent out Build emails for the next batch of Magpies and Starlings from our queue. Emails are sent from We highly recommend that you add this email address to your contacts to help ensure the email doesn't land in spam. If your name is in the list below and you do not see the email please check your spam. As we confirm orders for this next batch more emails may be sent out so please keep tabs on this blog for more updates over the next couple weeks.

Magpie V2

K. Jeffcoat

J. Donovan

L. Brown

C. Rose

D. Stefek

B. guffey

J. Schapka

S. Transue

J. Sponsler

A. Yurutucu

B. Curran

K. Gordon

E. Myers

L. Miller A. G Mordoh J. Langlois

D. Acedo


P. Walter

K. Micks

D. elsner


L. Rosenbaum

D. Pratt


M. Priestley

R. Lewis

A. Edmund

J. geisler

Starling V3FP

E. Olson

L. Zawilinski


M. Bishop

S. Vakaleris

C. Torres

K. Klein

J. Weller

T. Ehlers

P. Stahl

C. Lee

E. Sheppard

L. Foster


M. Hogue

B. Whalen

E. Weih


J. Piotrkowski

T. Iverson

W. Payton

J. Atkinson

K. Ward

L. Brown

S. Giubettini

V. Egli

W. Manninen

J. Jenkins

M. Brown


M. Carter


B. Ahern

N. Rashid Evanita

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