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-- Lace to Locks --

Magpie is available with a black chassis and your choice of trim and bobbin color.

Made from carbon fiber and 3D printed ABS plastic, Magpie is the most powerful Daedalus Spinning Wheel to date.  More than enough speed/power for the most advanced spinner, yet it can easily be dialed to slow speeds for the beginner. 

MAGPIE (Standard Flyer)


Scotch or Irish ability, change in a minute.  (Scotch for the lowest take up ability for lace, or swap to Irish for that plying project)

20oz bobbin capacity (30wpi single ply)

12mm orifice with a 6mm reducer

MAGPIE (Art Flyer)

1450rpm or 950rpm max in Irish,

1450rpm in Scotch

Use Scotch tension for light take up, or Irish for that heavy art yarn project.  With two speed bobbins (Irish tension), the low speed has abundant torque for the absolute heaviest project.

40+oz bobbin (plying into worsted etc, art yarns are less dense and would hold less)

32mm orifice with a 20mm reducer


Weighing in at 4.5 lbs (2 kg) and 15"L x 8.5"W x 11"H (38x21x28cm).  Although the largest in the flock, it's still more portable than a traditional treadle wheel. 


Design aspects are focused around low noise, high performance, light action, and smart ergonomics.   Each and every component was chosen for quiet operation and long life.  Wear components are designed to be user-replaceable, including the motor and maiden bearing.  High tech hardware is the same as other Daedalus Spinning wheels, including a case hardened chrome plated precision linear rod axle (best in industry), precision bearings, and a high quality ball bearing whisper quiet motor.​ 


But added is the awesome digital speed control!  Not only can you adjust speed 1% at a time, you can also program in custom slow start and slow stop delay times separately!  Talk about fine tuning that high speed project for zero backlash stops and gentle startups.  And, it detaches from the chassis to become a wired remote control that can be used on the table or as a footpedal (with included extension cable).  No corners were cut and no sacrifices were made by employing this beast of a motor and controller system!

Prices start at $1350 for your choice of Standard OR Art flyer/bobbins

Both heads (3 bobbins each) $1800

You may choose your 3 bobbin set from any of the available colors (color selection pic in gallery above)... for no extra charge!


Check out the Magpie playlist on youtube here: