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From our customers:

I love my Blackbird!

Spinning on her is a pure pleasure for me for several reasons:

Weight: I can move her easily and carry her to spinning events with battery, bobbins and fiber without strain or stress.

Speed: Speed is infinitely variable and minutely controllable making it easier to spin a consistent yarn. Of course, you could also control the speed to spin an inconsistent art yarn, if you wished. And she’s FAST! Tension is the same, extremely flexible.

Control: My control is better than it has been on any other spinner, spindle or wheel I have used.


I love my Blackbird e-spinner. It is lightweight for travel and can spin bulky to fingering yarns with ease. Daedalus Spinning Wheels has been great to work with. They took the time for help me get the right adaptor for the portable battery I already have. I am so happy that I have already ordered the Starling!! Thank you David and Rebecca!!


I truly love my Blackbird! I never knew spinning could be THIS fun! I had problems on my more traditional wheel with continuous treadling. I felt like I was always starting and stopping due to knee, and foot fatigue. Now that I have my Blackbird, I can spin uninterrupted, for much longer periods of time. My production is WAY up and my consistency is amazing! I encourage you to support a small business entrepreneur. The attention to detail on their machines and attention given to their customers, is top notch! My Blackbird arrived beautifully packaged, with LOTS of extras that should keep me spinning for years and years. I truly love my new Bird. I hope to build my flock with Daedalus Spinning Wheels in the future!


From start to delivery and follow-up, it’s been a great experience....I LOVE  my Blackbird- serial #2!  It is a blast to take to spinning days or guild.  It causes quite a circle of observers.. and it’s quiet, giant bobbins, portability is amazing.  I’m pretty tickled with my improved consistency on it and I think it would be great teaching new spinners, also❣️

-Cathy C.-

Spinning on my new Blackbird this morning... I LOVE it 😍

I have a traditional wheel but also have diabetic neuropathy in my feet and it's become difficult for me. I did some research before purchasing this spinner and Dave and Rebecca always got right back to me and patiently answered my questions. They were wonderful to work with and their product doesn't disappoint. Just wanted to publicly thank them. Happy spinning (I am)!!!!

-Cathy M.-

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